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Fighting flu season: Get (more) facts

Besides skiing, your favorite puffy jacket and hot cider, winter brings something much less welcome—flu season. To arm you for the remaining weeks of winter and the flu, we’ve pulled together this second series of myths vs. facts to help you ward off the flu. Understanding flu shots Some special cases around flu shots  …

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Photograph of a woman holding a mug, sitting on a couch and rubbing her temples

Your Thyroid: The Common Culprit

Mindy was thrilled when she started losing weight despite a hearty appetite. But now her hair is thinning and her hands feel jittery—something isn’t right. It was easy for Paul to blame his depression, low libido and constant chill on the winter season—until spring came and his symptoms continued. Jeanine hasn’t been the same since…

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Photograph of a woman sitting on a couch with a blanket around her shoulders while looking at a thermometer and wiping her nose with a tissue

Myth vs. fact roundup one: Flu edition

In addition to the holidays, a chance of snow and lots of hot chocolate, winter brings something much less welcome—flu season. To arm you for flu season, we’ve pulled together a series of myths and facts with the best possible information to keep you healthy. Because nobody wants to use their PTO for being sick….

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Photograph of a woman in pajamas holding a mug and looking out a window

Seasonal Affective Disorder: It’s not just the winter blues

It’s that time of year again—the time when temperatures drop and colder weather creeps in. Depending on where you live, you may even be feeling a freezing polar vortex or a snowy atmospheric river. Whatever the case, one thing is for sure: The longer, sunnier days of summer are suddenly shorter and darker. For some…

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Photograph of a hiker standing with arms raised on top of a mountain overlooking the sunrise over a glacier lake

Brrring on the cold: What you need to know when the mercury drops

The temperature is dropping and the mountains are filling with snow. Love it or hate it, cold weather is here—and with it, can come some cause for concern. That doesn’t mean stay in and stay warm, it just means be aware of cold-weather risks (like hypothermia, frostbite and Raynaud’s disease), and be informed about prevention and…

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Graphic with an orange background for 98point6 Lab Tests

What labs say about you (and how 98point6 can help)

Thirstier than usual lately? Feeling dizzy or tired? Worried you picked up a parasite on your last vacation? It seems like a consultation with the doctor is definitely in your future, but an accurate diagnosis may require a bit more (and it might even pinch, but just a little). “Laboratory tests offer a critical window…

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Graphic header saying "Don't be confused stomach flu vs influenza"

Which type of flu is bugging you?

One day your stomach turns queasy and before you know it, you feel awful. You’re nauseated, a little feverish and you can’t seem to escape the bathroom—and all these symptoms leave you feeling tired, thirsty and just plain terrible. You sleep for hours. “I’ve got the flu,” you moan to a friend, “the worst case…

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A graphic showing a brief timeline of remote care pacing the way for convenient and affordable healthcare

A brief timeline of remote care: paving the way for convenient and affordable healthcare

The way we’re receiving medical care is changing. Did you know that over 7 million people choose to meet with physicians virtually instead of in-person? There is an increasing need from consumers to create more convenient and affordable medical services. We put together a timeline to take you on a brief journey from the first…

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Photograph of a boy painting a sun in sunscreen on his dad's back on the beach

Have a sunny attitude toward sunscreen

Today’s rain brought an end to  a 39-day dry streak in Seattle. This uncharacteristically sunny weather, and the fact that it is UV Awareness Month, provides a good time to remind us of what our parents, doctors and dermatologists nag us to do—cover up, put on sunglasses and wear sunscreen. Almost all of us (myself…

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Photograph of a man leaning against a florist van

Making the most of summer farmers markets

Summers in Seattle are jam packed with farmers markets. I love both cooking and fresh veggies, so strolling through these markets is always an enjoyable experience. Last week, I headed to the Columbia City market in South Seattle to pick up some produce for dinner and learn a bit about some of the vendors along…

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