98point6 Clinician Console and Patient Portal

Focus on patients, not paperwork

Our clinician console automates the majority of admin work, so your providers can spend more time on treatment. Think AI-powered intake, EMR integration, and instantaneous documentation.

98point6 ensures your organization is able to consistently, securely, and efficiently deliver high-quality care.

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Conduct an efficient, high-quality visit with:

Async and real-time care


Care management automation


Automated clinical decision support

AI-powered automated patient intake


Configurable case assignment


Real-time messages, audio, and video


EMR data integration with HL7 or FHIR


Virtual waiting room with patient queue


One-click chat suggestions



Elevate the patient-provider relationship

User-friendly and intuitive, ensuring a seamless care experience
  • Give your patients the convenience of virtual care.
  • Make the patient log-in easy via SSO integration.
  • Make access as seamless as possible from all of your existing front doors (patient portal, app, website).
  • Encourage patient loyalty via a white-labeled and configurable experience that reflects your brand.

AI-powered patient intake

Informed by AI and machine learning, reducing the administrative burden on clinicians
  • The patient begins by entering the reason for their visit, and adding photos if needed.
  • To reduce the administrative burden on clinicians, 98point6 leverages machine learning and AI, informed by millions of patient encounters, to predict appropriate, information-gathering questions, just like a medical assistant might ask.
  • Async encounters are customizable to the specific workflow of the provider, with escalations directing the patient to real-time care, or prompting them to seek in-person care if their medical concern cannot be treated asynchronously.

Easy-to-manage patient queue

Quickly identify urgent concerns and patients waiting for care
  • When a clinician logs onto the system, they can see the queue of patient visits, with each row displaying the patient name, chief concern, location, medical record number, age, gender, and their wait time.
  • Configurable to the unique provider’s workflow, patient visits can be self-assigned or assigned by an administrator.

Reduced charting time

Automation, with complete control
  • Patient data can be automatically pulled in from the EMR and incorporated into the patient encounter.
  • Medical charting encompasses demographics, patient flags, medical history, medication reconciliation, virtual encounter history, and the patient’s reported symptoms.
  • Once the clinician makes a diagnosis, documentation of differentials, prescriptions, and care plans are quick and efficient with built-in tools to support the clinician.
  • The medical professional is always in control and can choose what they use for assisted support.
  • Once the visit is complete, patient data is sent to the EMR, and the patient receives their care plan.


What is asynchronous care?

Asynchronous care, or “async,” is a type of virtual care with no scheduling requirements, giving the patient the flexibility and convenience to seek care for non-urgent concerns whenever and wherever they’d like. Whereas a response from a provider may occur quickly, there is no real-time interaction between the patient and the medical staff. This type of dedicated care also helps with capturing revenue by incorporating patient messages from a provider’s inbox back into the patient chart to enhance the continuity of care. 98point6 can support your clinicians in asynchronously diagnosing and treating more than 140 common conditions for patients across all ages—from pediatrics to geriatrics.

How do you guide the patient to the available care?

Our AI-powered solution leverages evidence-based clinical content, machine learning, and automation to recommend the optimal care option, while also giving patients the ability to choose the format they prefer. Customizable to the specific workflow of the healthcare organization, the clinician can direct the patient to real-time care or prompt them to seek in-person care if their medical concern cannot be treated asynchronously.

What does real-time virtual care look like?

Real-time virtual care can consist of text-based messaging, audio, or video interactions, or any combination of the three. Additionally, real-time care can be facilitated as an on-demand or scheduled visit. On-demand visits allow patients to immediately start a visit, any time, from anywhere. Patients can report symptoms and concerns and our product gathers relevant history, before connecting the patient to a clinician. Wait times in the queue are dependent on clinician availability. Scheduled visits allow patients to choose a date and time in the future that is most convenient for them.

How does the 98point6 automated patient intake work?

Our patient intake automates much of the administrative tasks associated with taking a history. Our product is trained, based on millions of patient encounters, to respond to patient-reported symptoms with question sets, written by physicians, that elicit relevant clinical details for provider review. It works like this: the patient enters their chief complaint as free text. They can write as much or as little as they want to communicate the reason for their visit and their symptoms. The 98point6 platform intakes all of that information and then generates the appropriate follow-up questions.

Our patient intake process significantly reduces the administrative burden on clinicians – and automatically captures an accurate transcript of patient-reported symptoms.

How does 98point6 use AI and machine learning?

We have been applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to medical encounters since 2015. As a result, we have a vast data set that is one-of-a-kind in the field of natural language processing for medical applications. We utilize Al and machine learning to improve both efficiency and medical quality by automating time-consuming tasks, allowing clinicians to focus their judgment on key decision points in the clinical encounter. Our system provides information and actions for the clinician to consider; however, the clinician is in complete control of the visit diagnosis, and care planning.

What kind of data integrations are included in the platform?

Data integration is cornerstone to the 98point6 platform. EMR data can be automatically pulled into the clinician console, and once the visit is complete, data is automatically sent to the EMR to be recorded in the patient’s medical record. Our standards-based integration supports Epic and Cerner, as well as other EMRs. The platform also supports data integrations for analytics, reporting, security and compliance and other administrative needs.

Can we keep our branding?

98point6 is white-labeled and configurable to reflect your brand, offering a cohesive patient experience that promotes loyalty to your healthcare organization. It is designed to be exceptionally easy to onboard patients with an intuitive and responsive layout available on any device.

Mark Mariani, MD

VP and Chief Medical Officer, Indigo Urgent Care

“This is going to radically improve patient access while seamlessly accelerating urgent care efforts in our communities.”

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