Yes, we used to be affiliated with a virtual clinic …

Before the days when video calls and remote meetings were ubiquitous, our team of healthcare experts knew there was a need to expand access to quality care beyond physical spaces. In 2017, 98point6 launched technology that created a 24/7 virtual clinic with on-demand, text-based primary care. Over the years, we refined the platform to:

  • Integrate with electronic health records
  • Provide clinical documentation and decision-support tools
  • Improve provider efficiency

… and now our software is changing healthcare tech.

98point6 is no longer affiliated with a virtual clinic, and in 2023, we evolved to focus our business on building and licensing technology to healthcare organizations. In short, we’ve made it even easier for customers to leverage our learnings and experience for their virtual care needs.

The fine print

In spring 2023, Transcarent acquired the 98point6 healthcare delivery division and we reincorporated as 98point6 Technologies — evolving our mission by licensing our technology to healthcare organizations to expand access to care, improve patient engagement, and achieve cost savings. We acquired in 2024, which is accelerating that expansion.


Leveraging AI (before it was cool)

Since 2017, 98point6 has developed machine learning models that utilize insights from hundreds of thousands of patient visits and have been seamlessly deployed within our platform. This intelligence engine empowers our system to efficiently prioritize case assignments and equip clinical care teams with instant, one-click text-based options during patient interactions.

Because of our extensive history with AI, we have a vast data set that is one-of-a-kind in the field of natural language processing for medical applications — and these learnings are a key component to our software.



98point6 AI able to complete
80% of patient intake information


What’s next

We’re pretty darn proud of what we’ve accomplished, but 98point6 is nowhere near done transforming virtual care technology. What’s upcoming, you ask? We’re:

  • Expanding our library of care modules to treat more low-acuity conditions and adding new modules to support the treatment of chronic care, behavioral health, and more
  • Streamlining the care conversation to seamlessly flow across multiple forms of communication
  • Adding even more product features to reduce — or remove — admin work for clinicians

Want to see how it all comes together? > Explore the platform.

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