98point6 acquired Bright.md

Our real-time and asynchronous on-demand telehealth solutions enable comprehensive virtual care delivery.

Expand your clinical operations, capture more revenue, and improve provider efficiency with software to manage virtual care delivery.

Ryan Fix, President Retail Health at MultiCare

“98point6 helped us scale our digital capabilities to meet community demand and bring a new level of meaningful engagement to our customers.”

Expand access to care

Our software platform is designed to not just improve, but revolutionize healthcare access by offering a low-bandwidth but high-tech solution to meet patients where they are.

Improve provider efficiency

Automated Assistant handles 80% of the medical interview and automatically generates visit documentation to reduce clinicians administrative burden and cognitive load.

Open new revenue streams

Our technology allows you to complete more visits without increasing your workforce—all while preserving care quality and patient outcomes.

Enhance patient engagement

Backed by extensive user research, patients can start a visit or chat with a provider from anywhere they have phone service.

Your brand, our technology—a cohesive patient experience

Configurable to reflect your brand, 98point6 offers a consumer app that can be deployed as a convenient clinical entry point. Exceptionally easy to onboard and backed by extensive user research, patients can start a visit from anywhere they have phone service. Start seeing unprecedented virtual visit utilization — 8x higher than traditional telemedicine.

Designed by clinicians, for clinicians

Our web-based platform supports doctors, nurses, and care coordinators with the clinical decision-support tools needed to ensure your organization can consistently, securely, and efficiently deliver high-quality care.

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