Primary care reimagined

Your health is a top priority and quality care should always be within reach. Our private, text-based service connects you with a physician via your smartphone—that means you can get a diagnosis and treatment or simply consult on a health issue from anywhere. So whether you’re on the go, home sick in bed or multi-tasking throughout your day, immediate care is available on your schedule.

  • Expert care from board-certified physicians
  • No appointments, no time limits, no copays
  • Get primary care anywhere, in any context

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How we’re different

98point6 services are available under two plans: a personal plan or a plan offered through your employer. Personal plans are available for a low introductory rate of $20 per year, with no visit fees or usage fees.* Employer-sponsored plans are covered by your employer. In both cases, insurance is not billed for any of your visits—a subscription is all you need to access quality primary care diagnosis and treatment. Net-net? You’ll never again have to decide whether your symptoms are serious enough to warrant the time and cost.

(*Patients are responsible for “outside-app” costs, including prescriptions, labs, visits to any referred in-person physicians and any other costs incurred in traditional care settings. Insurance coverage may be applied for these expenses. See User Agreement for details.)

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We cover the full spectrum of primary care—from medical questions, to diagnosis and treatment, to prescriptions and labs.
We’re here for you in sickness and in health.

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Meet some of our doctors

Our service is staffed by carefully selected, board-certified physicians. Our doctors are passionate about making healthcare more accessible and affordable for all patients.

Alicia Sanchez, MD
Family Medicine

Amanda Cuda, MD, MPH
Family Medicine

David Dickey, MD
Internal Medicine

Michael Grabinski, MD, MPH
Family Medicine

Laurie Kreiter, MD
Family Medicine

Diana Lewis, MD
Family Medicine

Andrew Le, MD
Family Medicine

Thomas McCloy, MD
Family Medicine

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