The 98point6 Solution

Automated ordering, authorizing and resulting workflows for quick and efficient testing at scale while satisfying nationwide regulatory requirements.

How it works



Together we develop protocols and screening criteria


We receive testing requests, evaluate eligibility, then send order to any lab


Patient visits testing site or completes at-home test kit


Using technology, we review the results for critical values


Your providers follow up with the patient if critical values are present


Optionally, utilize the 98point6 virtual care platform to engage with patients to interpret results and provide further guidance


98point6 is provider agnostic. We will work with your provider group, or a group you select, to develop clinical protocols, patient follow up for critical values and virtual care consultations.

Key features


  • Provides prescriptive authority for lab orders by the provider group of your choice
  • Standards-based orders and results integration
  • Automated, rules-based order processing and approval
  • Custom workflows and screening criteria tailored to your requirements
  • Support for individual and bulk orders
  • Speed, efficiency and scale for high volume processing
  • Results ingestion and management
  • Documented alert call patient outreach for P1/P2 results
  • Optional virtual care follow up visit to review results and recommend care plan

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