It’s important to understand the role your personal information plays in your health. Here’s a closer look into why we ask, so you can trust it will positively impact your care.

Why do you need to know my race?

Collecting all of your medically-relevant patient information—including race and gender identity—enables us to provide you more equitable and effective care.

By understanding the full picture of your personal medical information, we can better support the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses (such as chronic conditions like diabetes or hypertension) where race and gender are an important factor in the medical decision-making process. Additionally, this information helps us to:

  • Better prioritize product efforts that accelerate advancements to serve all individuals equitably
  • Comply with certain laws and guidelines that require race and ethnicity in reporting to aid in broader federal, state and local population health efforts

Still, please know:

  • Safeguarding against bias in our product and care delivery through training and measurement is tied deeply into our core values of building trust with patients and demonstrating passion for everyone we serve.
  • We’re deeply committed to protecting patient information and privacy. You can learn more about our policy here.
  • This information is beneficial and necessary to drive toward health justice, improved outcomes and meaningful, long-standing change.

Have additional questions?

Click here to learn more about our commitment to health equity or reach out to our Patient Support team here.