Personalized, team-based care

Primary care doctors, psychologists and therapists work together to help patients address the issues keeping them from living fully and with a greater sense of well-being.

Identify early

During a primary care visit, the doctor may identify behavioral health concerns.

Connect easily

The patient is directed to schedule a private, secure video session with a licensed behavioral health therapist.

Treat appropriately

Evidence-based plans treat the whole self, body and mind—98point6 physicians and behavioral health specialists collaborate on medication management and other appropriate clinical follow-ups.

An integrated patient journey

Treatment for the whole person, including physical and behavioral health to address issues impacting our health and wellness.


Start a primary care visit.

In the app, on-demand 24/7.


Consult with a physician.

During the visit, additional behavioral health support may be recommended after GAD-7 or PHQ-9 evaluation.


Schedule with a therapist.

Patient in-app Care Plan includes instructions for scheduling a behavioral health session.


Start a video visit with a therapist.

Meet via video with a therapist for further evaluation using evidence-based protocols personalized for the patient.


Follow-up visits

Following the initial session, the patient and therapist will determine additional behavioral health and medical support, medications or treatments.


Support for your whole self

Make real progress toward living your best life with care that is personalized, private and available as a part of your employer benefits.

Certified therapists partner with you to improve your emotional health and well-being—working with 98point6 physicians for medication management or clinical follow-ups.

What we treat:

  • Stress and sleep management
  • Anxiety, depression and grief
  • Self-confidence and/or healthy body image
  • Personal, professional and social development

Helping people make real progress toward living their best life


of patients have seen a >20% improvement in their depression symptoms1


of patients have seen a >20% improvement in their anxiety symptoms2


of patients said they felt progress towards achieving their goals for therapy3


Offer a clear path to care for body and mind

Behavioral health is available as an extension to 98point6 virtual primary care.

1 98point6 internal data – PHQ-9 scores

2 98point6 internal data – GAD-7 scores

3 98point6 internal data – Patient survey