Mark Mariani, MD

VP and Chief Medical Officer, Indigo Urgent Care

“This is going to radically improve patient access while seamlessly accelerating urgent care efforts in our communities.”


Reduce clinician burnout with automated support

AI-powered tools can support the intake of more than 60% of the information needed for a visit, reducing cognitive load on the provider and variability in care.

  • Automated assistant for patient onboarding and visit intake
  • Clinical practice standards integrated to support decision-making in the visit workflow
  • Text suggestions and question prompts to guide the encounter

Before, during, and after each visit, the 98point6 Technology Platform supports patient safety, quality control, outcomes and adherence to medical best practices.

Physician burnout is expensive

Recruitment and replacement when physicians leave or reduce their clinical work hours is a costly endeavor. For an organization, the cost of physician burnout can range from $500,000 to more than $1 million per doctor1. This estimate includes recruitment, sign-on bonuses, lost billings and onboarding costs for replacement physicians.

There are some studies that indicate an average of $1.2 million in turnover costs per physician2, including recruiting and start-up costs and lost revenue, it’s clear that retaining your physicians is important and saves your facility a lot of time and money.

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1: AMA, How much physician burnout is costing your organization
2: Weatherby Healthcare, The Real Cost of Vacancies and Provider Turnover

How automation helps

With the 98point6 Clinician Console we’ve seen:

  • >50% reduction in active clinician time per visit (27 to 6 minutes per encounter)
  • 80% of patient information is collected by the Automated Assistant.
  • 4.8 out of 5 provider satisfaction rate

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Address workforce challenges through a digital-first approach

98point6 Technologies has spent years refining the operating model for a nation-wide, digital-first clinic that operates 24/7. Measuring provider satisfaction and refining the delivery model to maximize physician time and manage cognitive load is key to successful clinic operations and scalability.

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Quality care, supported by technology – an enhanced patient experience.

A digital expansion can play a significant role in ensuring the right care occurs at the right location and open new channels of engagement, while at the same time giving clinicians a new platform from which they can do more.

Through expanded access to care, patients report higher satisfaction and have better engagement rates.