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reduction in active clinical time

A suite of technology for interacting with patients and automating administrative work

Customized Solution

By focusing on each organization’s unique use case, provider workflow, patient experience preferences, and back-end integration requirements, 98point6 Technologies implements a secure white-labled digital solution tailored to each customer’s needs and virtual care model.

Built on a foundation of machine learning and automation, the software equips clinicians with the tools needed to elevate the virtual care they provide and reduce medical administration.

Live, Real-Time Virtual Offering

Use the AI-powered software solution to treat patients through live-text based communication or video visits. Designed with a clinical workflow in mind, the tool provides decision support, practice standards, and integration with downstream record systems to allow providers the ability to focus on providing quality care.

Async Telehealth Offering

Use the asynchronous software platform to increase clinical capacity by responding to a patient’s low-acuity concern when convenient. The async solution uses natural language processing to allow a patient to communicate freely when explaining their concerns, while also optimizing intake by gathering pertinent medical information to provide care professionals a thorough understanding.

Combined Power

When using the 98point6 Async and Real-time offerings together, care delivery organizations have a stronger, more integrated technology suite to power a virtual care delivery that can expand access, improve patient engagement, and achieve cost savings through greater provider efficiency. The cloud based software package can play a significant role in ensuring the right care occurs at the right location, while also opening new channels of patient engagement. Designed by clinicians for clinicians, the solution gives care providers a new tool from which they can do more.

Mark Mariani, MD

VP and Chief Medical Officer, Indigo Urgent Care

“This is going to radically improve patient access while seamlessly accelerating urgent care efforts in our communities.”

Designed by clinicians,
for clinicians.

Our web-based platform supports doctors, nurses, and care coordinators with the clinical decision-support tools needed to ensure your organization can consistently, securely, and efficiently deliver high-quality care.

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Features of our Solutions

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Patient interview and intake
  • Treatment support
  • Diagnoses to consider
  • Medical case presentation
  • Clinical decision support
  • Machine learning
  • One click chat suggestions
  • EMR system integration
  • Automated medical record updates
  • Automated practice standards

An introduction to our live text-based and video care software

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