Simple access to exceptional care

Members can start a visit anytime with the discrete text-based app.

Technology guided by medical expertise

Our clinic team uses a proprietary care delivery platform built to make the experience better for both the patient and the provider. Before, during, and after each visit, the platform supports patient safety, quality control, outcomes, and adherence to medical best practices.


Michael Grabinski, MD, MPH

“I believe technology can make it easier to address medical concerns early and often—which leads to better outcomes. Delivering efficient and meaningful interactions between doctors and patients is part of our commitment to providing the highest quality care.”

Value beyond the visit

The platform can also integrate with health plan resources and employer point solutions – digital and brick and mortar – to make patients aware of other available benefits to help them engage with their health as they navigate the path to wellness.

The clinic: Virtual primary care that sees the bigger picture; how physical and mental wellness are one in the same, how an acute episode may point to a chronic condition, and how we all need help along the path to feeling whole again.

95% resolution rate

2200+ ICD-10 codes

Primary care and behavioral health are better together

Behavioral health and physical health are inextricably linked. Integrating the care provided by physicians, psychologists, and therapists keeps mental wellness top of mind.

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Providers who work for us

They are employed by our clinic, and licensed in all 50 states and D.C. And they actively contribute to our mission of innovation to make primary care better for everyone.

Program Highlights


Primary Care and General Medical (1 year and older)

Behavioral Health (18 years and older).


Primary Care and General Medical: On-demand 24/7 365 – in-app text (primary), video or audio (secondary)

Behavioral Health: Daily, including evenings and weekends – scheduled video visits


A care team including board-certified physicians supported by qualified Psychologists, and therapists selected by the patient.

Licensed in all 50 US States and the District of Columbia


Starting as low as $.50 PMPM with unlimited primary care visits Primary Care with Behavioral Health bundled pricing available

No claims costs

No visit fees for patients*


Launch any time of year, in just a few weeks

One customer launched to 250K lives in just 45 days.

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Join the growing number of companies upgrading their virtual care with 98point6.

*$0 copay (standard), $5 copay (for HSA plan participants), behavioral health: $0 for up to 36 visits per year (included in PMPM); HDHP members pay FMV of $72 per visit