August 17, 2022

98point6 Expands Behavioral Health Program to Address U.S. Adolescent Mental Health Crisis

Onboarding Partner The Boeing Company Taps 98point6 to Deliver Virtual Care to Eligible Health Plan Dependents

SEATTLE, August 17, 2022 98point6, the virtual care company offering simple access to exceptional primary care and integrated behavioral health nationwide, today announced the expansion of its behavioral health program to include emotional and mental health support for adolescents. As the initial program partner, The Boeing Company will now offer the 98point6 virtual therapy solution to its eligible U.S.-based employees and retirees’ dependents ages 12-17.

Today nearly one in five children and teens in the U.S. struggle with anxiety, depression, mood swings and self-harm each year. Unfortunately, a significant number of the country’s youth still lack access to affordable and quality healthcare. Of those struggling with a mental health issue who do receive treatment, only 7% receive appropriate treatment, according to the American Psychological Association, due in large part to the lack of providers trained to treat this unique age group. The COVID-19 pandemic has only further exacerbated the dire need for accessible services to address this mounting crisis. Among high school students surveyed in 2021, nearly 20% said they’d considered suicide at some point in the last year. An alarming statistic that underscores the expansion of the 98point6 behavioral health program to support adolescent care.

“Mental health is an important part of a child’s overall health and well-being,” said Jeff White, Director of Global Health and Well Being, Boeing. “As demand for mental health care continues to rise, we looked for opportunities to expand resources for children. Video-based therapy through 98point6 offers a convenient, confidential way to access the support children need.”

Boeing offers the program to its eligible health plan dependents who reside in Arizona, California, Illinois, Missouri, South Carolina and Washington state, with plans to expand to other states as licensing requirements are met.

Uniquely positioned to respond to the country’s rising mental health crisis, 98point6 launched its behavioral health program in February 2021 for patients 18 years and older. The service provides employers, health plans and health systems access to a single-stop virtual care solution that ensures their members and employees are fully supported on the path to mental health. Through on-demand access to the trusted primary care relationship, 98point6 physicians can identify mental health issues further upstream, before they become more burdensome and costly to patients and providers.

“Today’s youth have experienced unprecedented developmental and educational upheaval and political unrest. This makes connecting them to licensed therapists all the more important,” said Dr. Mara Kailin, Senior Director of Behavioral Health at 98point6. “Employers, like Boeing, who are offering behavioral health services are helping to reduce stigma, normalize behavioral health mindsets and encourage individuals to seek help sooner.”

98point6 welcomes conversations with additional employers interested in tailoring a behavioral health program for their plan dependents. For more information, visit

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