You’ve spent too long looking for a doctor who takes your insurance only to find out the next available appointment isn’t for two months. You leave work early and drive an hour across town to your second-choice doctor, only to spend another 45 minutes in a waiting room. Does this sound painfully familiar?

Our company was born out of a passion to bring convenient, expert and affordable medical care to as many people as possible — whether you have a busy work schedule, limited time or funds, or live in the countryside miles from the nearest doctor. In short, we deliver on-demand access to personalized and compassionate board-certified primary care via technology.

We deliver health care so convenient you might actually have the time to use it.

Right now, the barriers preventing people from getting the health care they need can be incredibly high. In fact, areas of Washington state lead the nation in wait times for new patients to see a doctor — 48.8 days in Yakima, according to a recent survey by health care consultants Merritt Hawkins. Seattle ranked third in the U.S. for major cities at 28 days. We currently offer care in Washington state and are in the process of expanding our service across the nation.

Care when you want it, how you want it

We’re used to the ways technology has improved our lives. From streaming videos and movies to banks that let you deposit checks through your phone’s camera, on-demand services are a way of life. So why not health care, too?

Check out some testimonials from our users:

“I was a bit skeptical when I first learned of this service. My schedule did not permit me to visit my doctor so I decided to give it a chance. It exceeded my expectations – high quality service.”

“98point6 allows me to visit a doctor in the middle of a busy day and without having to schedule an appointment.”

Private, secure and convenient

We offer a better way to get care for many of the reasons people visit primary care doctors, ranging from sinus infections to rashes. Our primary care physicians offer secure, on-demand care to privately answer your health questions, diagnose and treat non-emergency illnesses, and send prescriptions to your preferred pharmacy.

It’s about bringing the care to you, using technology to make your life easier, not harder. Because nobody should go through the hassle of finding a doctor to treat them, wait days or weeks for an appointment, or flat-out go without care. We believe immediate medical care can help you get better faster, improve your peace of mind and greatly reduce costs. It’s the personalized access of concierge medicine, and best of all, while our product is in development, our service is free. We hope you’ll give it a try.