We were incredibly fortunate to welcome fourteen interns into our 98point6 family this summer. Our interns were a great addition to their respective teams and our organization as a whole.  We took them aside to learn a bit more about them and some of their favorite moments at 98point6 as a final farewell! 

Clinical Team:

Daniel is entering his senior year at Tufts University in Boston, where he is pre-med and majoring in computer science. He works on the clinical team researching different technologies to integrate into the patient experience. Daniel’s favorite summer memory was getting falafel with the rest of the interns. “I am usually pretty busy throughout the day, but I was dragged out to get falafel with the rest of the interns. It ended up being really fun because I was able to meet all these people who were incredibly interesting and equally industrious. The falafel wasn’t bad, either!”

Data Science Team:

Bingbing  attends the University of Washington where he studies computer science. Bingbing works on the language processing team with Sandeep (a software development engineering intern). Bingbing loved going to the Mariners baseball game with the 98point6 team. “It was my first baseball game, because in China, there’s isn’t baseball anywhere, not even on TV, so it was very exciting to watch live. I was disappointed, though, because the game was only three hours long and everyone had been telling me that it would go on for six hours!”

Chleo just graduated from Seattle University where she earned a dual degree in electrical engineering and math. She is heading to Brown University in the fall to pursue a PhD in electrical engineering, with an emphasis on computer visual effects. Chleo had a blast at our in-office happy hour. “I joined 98point6 on the last Tuesday of June, which happened to be the same day as the Fourth of July happy hour at the office. There was Fourth of July trivia and everyone immediately embraced me into the family. It just felt like a huge welcoming party just for me!”

Josh just graduated from Seattle University, and is heading to Rensselaer Polytechnic University this fall for a PhD in computer science.  One of Josh’s favorite parts about 98point6 was being able to work with the different teams here. “It was incredible to be working with so many people who are so passionate about what they are doing and equally talented. You can tell that each person really cares about the product. They pour all of their energy into their work and it shows.”

Sandeep attends the University of Washington, where he is working towards a Bachelor of Science in computer engineering. Sandeep worked on the data science team this summer. He loves working in a startup culture. “It’s very different from a big company, as you aren’t necessarily restricted to one project. I also had a lot more flexibility in terms of hours and clothing. Everyone is really friendly as well and the environment just feels comfortable.”

Legal Team:

Jayda is entering her final year at  the University of Washington School of Law this fall. She is heading to Rome as a part of a study-abroad program for the month of September, before continuing her internship with us in the fall. As a part of the legal team, Jayda spends the majority of her time researching state expansion and state laws in relation to telehealth. One of her favorite memories was going to the Mariners game with the rest of 98point6.
“We had our app launch party right before we all left for the game, and it was absolutely amazing to see how far the company has come. Then we all went to the game, and it was great to get to know people outside of the workplace. Everyone is really different and has all these diverse interests, but we all are passionate about creating change, so we are always able to find some common ground.”

Marketing Team:

Tara is entering her sophomore year at the University of Washington this fall. She works with the marketing team to help with all social media and has been writing interviews for our  In the Hot Seat”  series. She loved being able to interview everyone for the blog posts. “It was cool to be able to meet and have real conversations with everyone at the company. Every person who works here is unique and is willing to go above and beyond for each other. Everyone on the marketing team was also really amazing and were really patient with me throughout the summer, despite all of the puns Steph and I put in our social media!”

Software Engineering Team:

Emily is entering her senior year at University of Washington. She studies computer science and will continue her studies after she graduates in the UW Computer Science master’s program. Emily works with the web development team to improve our doctors’ ability to document visits with patients. Emily loved going to the Mariners baseball game. “At the game, I got to spend some quality time with my manager, Chris, which was a really nice break from talking about my code! It’s really cool that he is so accessible to us and always available if I needed help with anything. I think that’s what sets 98point6 apart from other companies; interns and execs work together regularly and collaboration is the norm.”

Justin is entering his junior year at the University of Washington where he studies computer science and entrepreneurship. Justin has helped the mobile team to fix bugs and add new audio and visual features to our product. Justin’s favorite memory at 98point6 was getting to help ship the iOS MVP. “It was my first product launch, and being able to honestly say that I made meaningful contributions to the application is super cool. I also really enjoyed working with the team and being able to build something alongside them.”

Malcolm is entering his senior year at the University of Washington, where he studies computer science. Malcolm’s favorite summer memory was getting falafel with the rest of the interns. “I had never met any of the other interns before working at 98point6, despite the fact that the majority of us attend the same school. Everyone was so friendly, which made it easy to have a blast!”

Tiago is entering his junior year at the University of Washington this fall where he studies computer science. Tiago works with the front-end team to enhance the visual experience patients see. Tiago loved getting falafel with the 98point6 team. “The first Friday after I joined, we all decided to get falafel together. Yoav was joking about making a falafel train, and you could honestly hear him throughout the entire office. It just set the tone for the rest of the internship. The environment is so welcoming and friendly that I instantly felt comfortable here.”

Systems Engineering Team:

Ruby is entering her junior year at the University of Washington this fall where she studies computer science and psychology. As the systems engineering intern, Ruby works mostly on the server side with Ori, another intern. They worked to enhance the existing server. Her favorite summer memory at 98point6 was hanging out with coworkers during lunch. “You get to know a lot of different people, and I have met a lot of students from UW that I didn’t know initially coming to work here. We get to chat with each other and catch up. Making friends is the best part here!”

Ori studies computer science at the University of Washington and is entering his senior year this fall. Ori is currently working on a project to help improve engineering infrastructure. One of his favorite moments at 98point6 was the trivia during our in-office happy hour. “We played America-themed trivia because we were celebrating the Fourth of July. I really liked listening to songs to guess the composers, even though I didn’t get any of the answers right because the songs were so old. Ethan ended up winning, but in ten years I am going to be the trivia king, because by then I’ll know all the music!”

UX Design Team:

Cuzak joined our team after completing a UX program through General Assembly, a tech-oriented school. He works to create wireframes, while communicating to developers the nitty gritty details of developing the best possible user experience. Cuzak acts as the voice for the users who aren’t here to express their opinions, and generally tries to create a positive product experience for our users. He loves being able to work at the Columbia Center. “I was fortunate enough to grow up in West Seattle, and my house overlooked the Seattle skyline. It’s incredible to be working in a building that I’ve looked at from a young age. In a way, it’s like fulfilling my dreams.”