(Flyer) Don't skip a beat: young and healthy [with therapy]

This resource includes information about the 98point6 therapy benefit. This is applicable to groups with 98point6 behavioral health only. About the campaign: The Don't Skip a Beat campaign frames the value of 98point6 to the young and healthy employee or covered dependent. If you have a large portion of your workforce that is 35 or younger, or have a large college-aged dependent population, this campaign message can help you reach them. This campaign includes other supporting collateral to leverage all your channels to reach employees (flyer, digital ad, content). Keep your 98point6 promotions fresh to grab the attention of your employees any time of year. Simply download this flyer and promote via your internal channels. Whether you are including the link in your internal emails or newsletters, posting on your intranet or printing to post on bulletin boards or in other high-traffic onsite areas. This print and digital friendly flyer this flyer can be used in both digital and on-site promotional efforts.