(Flyer) Now available: virtual therapy through 98point6

For groups that have recently launched the behavioral health offering through 98point6. This is particularly for groups that had 98point6 for primary care and later added the therapy offering. Use this customizable informational flyer for launching 98point6 for therapy to your population. Simply download this informational flyer and promote via your internal channels. Whether you are including the link in your internal emails or newsletters, posting on your intranet or printing to post on bulletin boards or in other high-traffic onsite areas. Simply customize the flyer using the fillable fields and you're good to go. To customize this asset simply open in Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat Pro (if using Acrobat Pro, do not use the Edit PDF function). The asset must be downloaded from your browser to make changes. For logo uploads, .png, .jpeg and .eps file formats are accepted. Save after editing and use as needed.