March 2, 2021

98point6 to Provide Text-Based Virtual Care for Quest Diagnostics Employer Health Screenings

Collaboration empowers individuals to access professional medical advice, when and where they want it, for employer-sponsored laboratory and biometric screening

SEATTLE – March 2, 2021 – 98point6, the on-demand digital primary care service that delivers personalized diagnosis, treatment and consultation to patients across the country, today announced a collaboration with Quest Diagnostics (NYSE: DGX), the world's leading provider of diagnostic information services, to deliver text-based virtual primary care to patients following employer-sponsored biometric and laboratory health screenings from Quest Diagnostics.

This collaboration enables individuals to quickly, easily and privately access a board-certified physician to provide medical counsel after receiving a report of their biometric and laboratory results. By offering a text-based virtual care solution, employers can empower employees to take charge of their health by eliminating barriers to traditional in-person care, including cost, lack of access and time constraints. This could lead to increased engagement in healthcare and earlier intervention to prevent and treat chronic diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer while reducing costs of care. Its convenience as an on-demand option for accessing care may also boost employee engagement and satisfaction.

"Now more than ever, employees seek medical care that is convenient, individualized and meets them where they are. Many are too busy or face barriers to engage in an in-person doctor’s appointment while others may not feel comfortable with a phone or video telehealth visit,” said Jay G. Wohlgemuth, M.D., Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, and head of the company's Employer Population Health services. “98point6 has created a digital primary care solution that is high quality, private and easy to use. Combined with laboratory insights from Quest Diagnostics, their text-based consumer-centric model can help more individuals receive medical counsel and support for a range of preventable chronic diseases, for potentially better outcomes and lower costs.”

A global FICO survey found that 80 percent of people would like to use their smartphone to interact with health care providers, while two-thirds of smartphone users want to receive medical advice through digital channels instead of visiting a doctor.i With this combined solution, a participant in an employer-sponsored benefits program will have unlimited, 24/7 access to on-demand primary care delivered via secure in-app messaging for a variety of concerns and conditions, including any necessary prescriptions or additional labs ordered. 98point6 physicians will also be able to provide confidential medical counsel on a range of health issues that may be revealed in a participant’s laboratory and biometric test results. Additionally, participants will be directed to relevant employer-specific resources, such as Employee Assistance Programs, during their visit with a 98point6 physician.

The new text-based capability supplements Quest’s current employer-based offerings, which are centered on the Institute for Healthcare Improvement's "Triple Aim" approach to enhancing the experience of care, improving population health and reducing per capita healthcare costs.

“Providing employees with convenient, cost-effective access to discuss their labs and overall health with 98point6 can increase engagement in their personal health and wellness,” said Brad Younggren, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, 98point6. “This collaboration is an exciting next step for the future of virtual care, and we look forward to working alongside Quest Diagnostics to provide exceptional care for individuals across the country.”

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About 98point6

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