September 26, 2019

98point6 Partners with Sam’s Club for Groundbreaking Pilot to Help Lower Members’ Healthcare Costs

Today, Sam’s Club announced a new healthcare pilot, Sam’s Club Care Accelerator, which seeks to lower the cost of healthcare for their members. Through partnerships with 98point6 and Humana, the program will provide transparent pricing and access to affordable options on everyday healthcare services. Navigating the healthcare system is expensive. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, the average dollar contribution for healthcare for families has increased 21% since 2013 and 65% since 2008. At the same time, 67% of Americans say it is difficult to determine what a treatment or procedure will cost. The Care Accelerator program is designed to solve these problems, especially for those who shoulder a higher burden of healthcare costs, like small business owners or those with high deductible plans. Through a series of bundled healthcare services, members will save money on their most common healthcare service needs, including primary care, dental, optical and alternative medicine. Text-based primary care from board-certified physicians, provided by 98point6®, will be available to Sam’s Club members—24/7, on their time and terms—for $1 per session. The pilot program will be tested in Michigan, Pennsylvania and North Carolina, with the potential to expand to all Sam’s Club members in the future. 98point6 doctors cover the full spectrum of primary care, from diagnosis and treatment to prescriptions and labs. With on-demand access to 98point6, Sam’s Club members can connect with a doctor discreetly from anywhere—anytime they need it. “Our goal at 98point6 is to provide affordable access to high-quality healthcare,” said Robbie Cape, CEO and co-founder of 98point6. “We’re excited to be part of a program that is aligned with our mission of bringing affordable healthcare to as many people as possible.” About 98point6 Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Seattle, 98point6 is pioneering a new approach to primary care. By pairing deep technology with board-certified physicians, our vision is to make primary care more accessible and affordable—leading to better health and reducing the cost of care. We meet consumers where they are by offering private, text-based diagnosis and treatment via a mobile app. For employers, 98point6 increases primary care utilization among those not actively or appropriately engaged in their health—enabling earlier medical intervention and improving employee productivity. For more information about 98point6, visit