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  • Now available to all OWU students 18 or older
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Now’s your time to be unstoppable, and 98point6 meets you wherever you are for every step of your OWU experience. Day or night, on campus or on break, get diagnosis, treatment and general peace of mind for a full range of medical conditions and concerns. No question is too small and no conversation is too sensitive. It’s private, high-quality care made to fit your busy schedule.

98point6 is a new addition to OWU's healthcare options for students

98point6 FAQs

Can all OWU students use 98point6?

All full-time OWU students who are 18 or older (including international students) can use 98point6.

Why should I register for 98point6 now if I am not sick?

We encourage you to take just a few minutes to download the app and register before you are ever sick or have a medical question. That way, when you need to have a visit with a 98point6 doctor, it’ll be quick and easy to get care.

Do I have to be at school to use 98point6?

98point6 travels with you. We provide primary care to patients nationwide. Our service is available in all 50 states across the U.S. & Washington D.C. Patients must be 19 years or older to seek care in Nebraska.

Tell me more about 98point6. How exactly does it work?

98point6 combines world-class physicians with artificial intelligence (AI) to provide primary care via a mobile app when you need it. AI streamlines your visit so the doctor can focus on diagnosis and treatment. Here’s how it works:

  • Download the free app, sign in using your phone number and create an account. From there, select "Sponsored Plan" and then begin to type “Ohio Wesleyan University.”
  • Once you accept your OWU benefit, click “Start your visit”, and begin a private and secure conversation via in-app messaging (audio, video and photo support as needed).
  • An Automated Assistant greets you and gathers details about your symptoms or health questions. The information is then delivered to a 98point6 board-certified physician, who will join the text-based conversation with you. The doctor will provide a diagnosis and treatment plan that could include answers to your questions/concerns, prescriptions sent directly to your pharmacy, ordering of labs, a referral or recommended self-care.
  • At the end of every visit, a personalized Care Plan is created and securely stored within the app—available to you at any time.
  • If labs are ordered, a 98point6 doctor will follow-up with you once the results are back.

Who are the 98point6 doctors?

98point6 doctors are U.S.-based, board-certified physicians. To learn more about them, you can view their individual bios on the 98point6 website, or by clicking on their photo when interacting with them in the 98point6 app.

Can I send my visit records to my primary care or other doctor?

Yes. Your 98point6 medical record can be sent to other doctors at your request. During the visit, just state that you’d like the record sent to another doctor and 98point6 will walk you through the steps. Or send the request through their Contact us form .

How does 98point6 handle prescriptions and lab tests?

98point6 physicians can prescribe medications when appropriate. If a prescription is a part of your treatment plan, the doctor will send it electronically to your preferred pharmacy. 98point6 does not prescribe controlled substances (such as opioids).

If the 98point6 doctor determines lab work is necessary, they will order a lab test at a nearby lab. After you visit the lab and your results are ready, a 98point6 doctor will reach out to you to walk you through them.

*Note: Insurance is not necessary or required to use the 98point6 service, since there is no cost to students. However, students are responsible for verifying if their insurance covers labs, prescriptions or other services a 98point6 physician might recommend, since these could have a cost.

What do I do if I have trouble logging on or getting access to 98point6?

Please reach out to the 98point6 customer support team through their Contact us formA support representative will be in touch to help resolve your issue.

Will my personal and health information be secure?

We are committed to protecting the confidentiality of your personal and health information. Information captured within the 98point6 application, including confidential information that you provide and medical information, is securely transmitted and stored in an encrypted database. 98point6 functions as a private health care provider and will not use or disclose your protected health information without your authorization, except as described in the Privacy Policy and Notice of Privacy Practices, or as otherwise provided by law.