2024-01-16 | Axios

Care enabler 98point6 buys telehealth Bright.md

As it embarks on a $32 million-fueled business pivot, care enabler 98point6 bought telehealth company Bright.md's customers, CEO Jay Burrell tells Axios exclusively. Care enabler 98point6 acquires Bright.md assets. Why it matters: The deal will let 98point6's provider customers conduct asynchronous telemedicine visits, a fast-rising means of receiving virtual care.

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2023-05-10 | Business Insider

98point6 is ditching its telehealth business to sell software. Here is the presentation it used to raise $30.7 million to fuel its pivot.

98point6 leaned into what set the company apart when choosing to bet big on licensing the technology it built. That way, it'd have the resources to continue growing. The start up sold its virtual care delivery business to Transcarent in March. 98point6 used this pitch deck to sell investors on its switch to providing tech to health systems.

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2023-04-17 | Puget Sound Business Journal

98point6 raises $30.7M following sale of original business line

CEO Jay Burrell said the funding will help the Seattle-based telehealth company build up its software business and innovate for its technology platform.

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2023-02-04 | Podcast: HealthcareNOW Radio

This Just In: Dr. Brad Youngren, President, Care Innovation at 98point6

Host Justin Barnes, aka the @HITAdvisor, talks to Dr. Brad Younggren, the President & Chief Medical Officer, Care Innovation at 98point6. They discuss key strategies as well as best practices for virtual care & digital health.

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2023-02-22 | HealthData Management

How telehealth can save providers’ sanity and keep them in the profession

Author: Brad Younggren, MD - Chief medical officer and president of care innovation, 98point6 Date: February 22, 2023 These systems showed value during the pandemic and demonstrated that virtual care can serve the needs of physicians who want to improve care. The impact of the pandemic on healthcare clinicians has been significant, and burnout among providers is reaching an all-time high. As 2022 began, data from the Mayo Clinic Proceedings journal found that 63 percent of doctors “reported at least one symptom of burnout,” a 44 percent spike from 2017. By contrast, only 30 percent reported feelings of job satisfaction, a 13 percent dip from the same timeframe.

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2022-09-06 | mHealth Intelligence

Washington Health System Licenses Virtual Care Technology For Urgent Care

MultiCare Health intends to enhance telehealth access among those it serves by licensing 98point6's virtual care technology and adding it to Indigo Health, the ambulatory care platform through which it offers urgent care.

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2022-09-03 | Finsmes

98point6 Raises Over $20M in Funding

98point6, a Seattle, WA-based on-demand virtual primary care company, raised over $20 million in funding. Backers included existing investors L Catterton (Growth Fund), and Activant Capital. The company intends to use the funds to continue to expand operations and its business reach.

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2022-01-18 | Medika

People Needing Access to Care Shouldn’t Have to Do Battle to Get It

I recently sat down with Brad Younggren, MD, Chief Medical Officer of 98point6, the growing medical technology platform providing text-first, primary care consults with a physician, 24–7, through each patient’s smartphone.

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2022-01-06 | Forbes

Will The Telehealth Boom Continue After The Pandemic?

It’s a bittersweet truth that can be difficult to discuss: Major tragedies like the Covid-19 pandemic often ignite new approaches and innovations in healthcare. We’ve seen it born out of U.S. military trauma centers in Iraq and Afghanistan before, and we’re seeing it today with telehealth.

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2021-09-28 | Vator News

DotCom Therapy partners with Goodside Health for in-school teletherapy

While it's still unclear what exactly a post-COVID world will look like in a lot of ways, a few trends have clearly emerged after 18 months. There's the mainstreaming of virtual care, but there's also, in conjunction with that, the rise of teletherapy, with companies like BetterHelp, BetterUp, 98point6, Amwell, and numerous others, all seeing big increases in activity.

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2021-10-18 | Built In Beta

27 Telemedicine Companies Keeping Us Healthy at Home

Not many things are more important than taking care of our health but with the pace and demands of modern life, it’s easy to let our healthcare needs fall to the wayside. For one reason or another, taking care of our physical and emotional needs can take a backseat to our careers, families and finances.

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2021-11-15 | STAT

Why two emergency physicians’ kids took part in the Pfizer vaccine trials

Cue the collective sigh of relief from many parents across the country. While the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine has been available for children ages 12 and up since mid-September, as of now 28 million even younger school-age children between the ages of 5 and 11 are eligible to receive it.

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2021-10-15 | InfoQ Podcast

Growing Teams and Retaining Culture in Remote Health Care

In this podcast Shane Hastie, Lead Editor for Culture & Methods, spoke to Damon Lanphear about recruiting and growing remote teams, hanging the interviewing process, governance as an accelerator of innovation and applying AI to primary healthcare.

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2021-10-20 | Collective Health Blog

Premier Partner Perspectives: Engaging Members At Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment is a critical time for employers to promote the value of their digital health programs, and help their employees understand when and how to access them. It may seem obvious, but by engaging your employees well at the start of the health plan year, you can maximize the time and opportunities they have to experience the impact of those services.

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2021-10-01 | Collective Health Blog

Premier Partner Program: How and Why We Chose Our Partners

At Collective Health, we truly value each one of our program partners and the impact they have on our members with their dedicated support and deep expertise around mental health, cancer diagnoses, fertility and family-forming care, and more. Our goal is to help people lead healthier lives, and we recognize that our partners play a critical role in that effort.

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2021-09-21 | Fast Company

The Most Important Healthcare Design of 2021

See all the honorees of Fast Company’s 2021 Innovation by Design Awards in the Health category.

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2021-09-03 | KevinMD Podcast

Debunking Common Virtual Therapy Myths and Tips for New Patients [PODCAST]

While the COVID-19 pandemic exposed and normalized the need for increased mental and behavioral health services over the last year and a half, addressing mental health issues as a regular form of their wellness will persist beyond the pandemic.

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2021-08-19 | KevinMD

Debunking Common Virtual Therapy Myths and 4 Tips for New Patients

The COVID-19 pandemic spurred an avalanche of mental health issues that have continued to plague the general public over the last 18 months – with the full impact from lingering quarantines, prolonged social distancing, and now the fear over the unknowns of new variants. In fact, nearly 70 percent of working adults say this has been the most stressful time period of their lives.

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2021-08-13 | HIT Consultant

XpresSpa, 98point6 Partner to Provide Virtual Care to Travelers

XpresSpa, a health and wellness company, announced an agreement with 98point6, an on-demand virtual primary care provider, to provide services for the new Treat™ Care app. The Treat Care app will soon be available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store and will offer travel health and wellness content, access to board-certified health professionals, a travel wallet to store health records and more.

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2021-08-12 | Globe Newswire

XpresSpa Group Announces Agreement with 98point6 as the Treat™ Partner for Virtual Care

XpresSpa Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: XSPA) (“XpresSpa” or the “Company”), a health and wellness company, today announced an agreement with 98point6, an on-demand virtual primary care provider, to provide services for the new Treat™ Care app. The Treat Care app will soon be available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store and will offer travel health and wellness content, access to board-certified health professionals, a travel wallet to store health records and more.

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2021-08-03 | FOX News

Should you suspend travel over the delta COVID-19 variant? Experts speak out.

Recent CDC data shows coronavirus infections from the delta COVID-19 variant have continued to rise in the U.S. and this fact might leave travelers wondering if it’s worth taking vacations they had planned. Depending on your household’s circumstances, suspending travel could be an ideal option, a worthwhile consideration or an unneeded step, according to medical experts.

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2021-04-16 | Studio CMO

Driving HealthTech Demand in the Telehealth Crowd with Samantha Bergin of 98point6

Samantha Bergin is the chief marketing officer at 98point6, an on-demand digital primary care service founded in 2015 and headquartered in Seattle, Wash. Sam's nearly 25-year career centers around building and growing technology brands. Prior to 98point6, she served as vice president of marketing at Cozi, Inc., which was acquired by Time Inc. and is now owned by Meredith Corporation. Under her leadership, Cozi became one of the top 10-grossing productivity apps in both iTunes and Google Play. Sam also worked in product management at Amazon, Microsoft, and Visio Corporation.

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2021-04-07 | Startup Seattle

Battlefield experience shaping his passion for tech in healthcare & revolutionizing primary care

Dr Bradley Younggren, an Iraq war veteran talks about how his battlefield experience shaped his interest in applying technology innovations to health care. He is Chief Medical Officer of 98Point6 and Emergency Physician and Evergreen Health in Kirkland WA.

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2021-05-05 | Microsoft Alumni News

Prioritizing primary care; Microsoft alum Robbie Cape leads Seattle-based telehealth company 98point6

Robbie Cape combined his deep tech background and entrepreneurial dream to found 98point6, a telehealth company serving patients across the U.S. to provide accessible primary care. Robbie co-founded 98point6 in 2015 with the intentions of using tech to simplify the process of seeing a primary care physician, something that isn’t as easily accessible as many may think. A reported 65 million Americans lack access to primary healthcare.

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2021-07-20 | MobiHealthNews

Collective Health's partnership program launches with inclusion of Livongo, Hinge Health and more

Amid the growing digital health ecosystem, Collective Health is making it easier for employers to manage their various offerings through its new Premier Partnership Program.

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2021-07-12 | Vator News

Startups and newcomers disrupting primary care

Primary care physicians are the gateway for people to access their care; no matter what the issue, a patient is most likely to see their GP before they see a specialist (often because they have to in order to get a referral). That is having drastic consequences: primary care physicians report burnout at twice the rate of other caregivers. Not only that, but they're one of the lowest-paid doctors as well. It's an unsustainable situation.

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2021-06-11 | Employee Benefits News

New Aon partnerships take on musculoskeletal care and high healthcare costs

There is nothing consumers love more than saving money with a product bundle, and a new benefit integration from Aon can help employers do just that, while helping employees find relief for one of life’s most painful and disruptive health conditions. Professional services firm Aon has teamed up with three healthcare companies, Employer Direct Healthcare, Hinge Health and 98point6, to launch MSK Integrated Care Solution. The benefit will address and improve the quality and affordability of employees’ musculoskeletal care.

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2021-06-03 | Built In

What is the Star Method?

While interviewing for a job, Gianna Driver, chief people officer at the Silicon Valley-based fintech company BlueVine, was asked to describe a time she helped her workplace meet its goals during a difficult time. Driver guessed that this question would come up and was ready with a story to tell.

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2021-04-22 | Forbes

6 Companies That Are Taking Telemedicine By Storm

Telemedicine has been around in some form since the 1950s. Yet despite the digital transformation of industry after industry, most healthcare consumers have long preferred seeing their doctors in person. Although telemedicine adoption was on an upward slope by 2020, RAND Corporation data put market penetration at a mere 4% of the U.S. population.

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2021-04-06 | Inc.

The Future of Health Care in the Post-Pandemic Era

Health care systems are on the tail end of the biggest surge in activity in over a century. The surge has been met by unprecedented adoption and innovation across the entire industry. Based on my experience in the innovation ecosystem, here's a look at what the industry will look like in the post-pandemic era.

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2021-03-23 | PSBJ

As 98point6 ventures into behavioral health, CEO says the hard part comes next

The Seattle-based telehealth company launched its behavioral health arm in February. The move to integrate behavioral health with primary care has been "a long time coming," Robbie Cape says.

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2021-03-23 | Forbes

Why Technology And Patient Trust Are Critical To Preventing Fallout From The Antibiotic Crisis

Health care and technology have become inextricably linked. Tech solutions built upon medical expertise are enabling health care providers to improve the delivery of care, reduce costs, increase access and better adhere to best practices. 

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2021-03-02 | Fierce Healthcare

Quest Diagnostics, 98point6 Team up to Incorporate Patient Labs Into Telehealth

Quest Diagnostics and 98point6 have teamed up to make it easier for patients to connect with a doctor virtually about lab results. Through the partnership, on-demand digital primary care service 98point6 will provide text-based virtual primary care to patients following employer-sponsored biometric and laboratory health screenings from Quest Diagnostics.

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2021-02-24 | The Tech Tribune

An Exclusive Tech Tribune Q&A With Robbie Cape (Co-Founder and CEO) of 98point6

After selling my first successful startup (the family organizing app, Cozi) to Time Inc. in 2014, I co-founded 98point6 with a group of thought-leaders passionate about improving access and affordability of healthcare – something every human on this Earth needs. With my technology background, I could see an innovative path towards solving this dilemma: by augmenting the expertise of physicians with machine learning and AI, we could extend their reach and fundamentally change the economics of care delivery.

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2021-02-18 | Vator News

98point6 Adds Behavioral Health Offering to Its Telemedicine Solution

One of the biggest challenges to emerge from the COVID pandemic was a rise in mental health concerns, thanks to added stress, as well as social isolation: KFF found that 53 percent of adults in the United States have struggled with mental health during COVID-19. Combine that with the inability, or lack of desire, to go out and see a doctor in person, those conditions were only going to get worse.

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2021-02-17 | Fierce Healthcare

98point6 Expands Into Behavioral Health With Rising Demand for Mental Health Support

On-demand digital primary care service 98point6 is expanding into behavioral health support. The new integrated behavioral health service provides employers, health plans and health systems access to a single-stop virtual care solution that ensures their members and employees are fully supported on the path to mental health, the company said.

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2021-02-18 | CTA

CTA Launches New Trustworthiness Standard for AI in Health Care

More than 60 organizations – from global tech brands to startups and health care industry leaders – convened by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® have developed a new ANSI-accredited standard that identifies the core requirements and baseline to determine trustworthy AI solutions in health care. This standard, part of CTA’s initiative on AI in health care, is the second in a series of standards focused on implementing medical and health care solutions built on AI.

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2021-02-17 | HIT Consultant

98point6 Launches New Virtual Behavioral Health Offering

By providing a private and accessible entry point, 98point6 is setting out to reduce stigma and normalize behavioral health mindsets, which in turn, encourages individuals to seek help sooner. Through on-demand access to the trusted primary care relationship, 98point6 physicians are well-positioned to identify mental health issues further upstream, before they become more burdensome and costly to patients and providers.

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2021-02-17 | MobiHealthNews

Behavioral Health Services Now Complement 98point6's Text-Based Primary Care Platform

App-based primary care provider 98point6 today announced a new integrated behavioral health offering for its employer, health plan and health system clientele.

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2021-02-17 | GeekWire

98point6 Launches New Virtual Care Service to Address Rising Demand for Mental Health Support

Riding a wave of demand for its telemedicine technology, and reacting to U.S. adults’ increasing struggles with metal health during COVID-19, Seattle-based 98point6 is launching a new behavioral health service for commercial customers.

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2021-02-04 | Inc.

4 Trends Behind Seattle's Booming Startup Scene

The Seattle area had the unfortunate distinction of being the site of the first U.S. Covid-19 outbreak last year and was among the first to begin shutting down its businesses. While, as in places across the globe, its retail and restaurant businesses have been crushed, Seattle's startup ecosystem has kept the city afloat—and, in some ways, thriving.

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2021-02-02 | Federal Labs

BARDA Partners With 98point6 to Adapt Platform for COVID-19 Screening, Reporting

What if we could identify COVID-19 hot spots using technology that’s accessible to anyone? The Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) is working with Seattle-based 98point6 and its primary care telemedicine platform to develop a program that records de-identified, suspected COVID-19 cases, and uses this information to better understand disease transmission, potential hot spots, incidence of COVID-19 cases among different population groups, and self-reported vaccination status.

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2021-01-13 | GeekWire

U.S. Startups Raise Record Investment in 2020; Here Are the Top Pacific Northwest Deals in Q4

When the pandemic hit the U.S. earlier this year and tech companies began laying off thousands of employees, analysts warned of a bumpy ride ahead for startups and venture capital investment. To say the industry stabilized would be an understatement.

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2020-12-31 | Forbes

Doctors Are Eagerly Getting COVID-19 Vaccines; Here’s What They Want You to Know

When the first COVID-19 vaccines were approved for emergency use in December, many doctors and healthcare providers eagerly volunteered to get vaccinated, often publicly. But for vaccines to achieve their full impact, Americans will need to embrace them with a comparable fervor.

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2020-12-30 | USA Today

Front Line Doctor: Overworked Doctors, Nurses Are Getting Vaccinated. Here's Why You Should Too

Even as vaccines for COVID-19 begin to get rolled out, many Americans remain uncertain as to whether they will be willing to receive the vaccine once it becomes widely available. Front line health care workers will be among the first groups to provide real-world evidence of the vaccine’s side effects and efficacy outside of controlled test groups.

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2020-12-29 | GeekWire

A View From the Front Lines: COVID-19’s Lasting Impact on the Technology and Science of Healthcare

To say that Dr. Brad Younggren has a unique perspective on COVID-19 would be an understatement—because he actually has multiple perspectives. Dr. Younggren is the chief medical officer at Seattle-based healthcare startup 98point6, which has seen interest in its on-demand virtual care service skyrocket amid the pandemic. He’s also an emergency physician, and the medical director for emergency preparedness, at EvergreenHealth Medical Center, in Kirkland, Wash., the first hospital in the country to get an influx of COVID-19 patients earlier this year.

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2020-12-28 | Becker's Hospital Review

Top 5 Telehealth Stories of 2020

Sam's Club partnered with primary care telehealth provider 98point6 in September to offer members virtual visits. The discounted subscription for club members gives them unlimited telehealth visits for $1 per visit and has board-certified physicians available 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

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2020-12-09 | UW Medicine

UW Medicine Partners With 98point6 for Virtual Care

UW Medicine has begun offering on-demand, text-based virtual care for its patients in collaboration with 98point6®. The service replaces the Amwell virtual clinic that UW Medicine has utilized for the past year and a half. Patients will still have access to the telehealth platform used to talk directly with their UW Medicine primary- and specialty-care providers.

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2020-12-10 | Becker's Hospital Review

UW Medicine Launches Telehealth Program That Provides Patients Care Through Text Message

Seattle-based UW Medicine rolled out a new on-demand virtual care program that lets patients receive medical care via text message consults with physicians, according to a Dec. 9 news release. UW Medicine partnered with telehealth provider 98point6 for the new on-demand virtual care subscription service.

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2020-12-15 | Forbes

COVID-19 Vaccines’ Speed to Market Makes Consumers Nervous. It Shouldn’t.

When health care workers received the first doses of Pfizer-BioNTech’s Covid-19 vaccines on Monday after the vaccine got emergency approval from the FDA just days before, it was a triumph for science.

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2020-12-01 | GeekWire

Tech Moves: Qumulo Hires Cloud CTO; Ex-Tableau CMO Joins Conversica Board; 98point6 Adds COO

Seattle virtual primary care startup 98point6 appointed Fukiko Ogisu as its chief operating officer. Ogisu was most recently EVP and chief people officer for multinational media company Viacom. She previously spent more than 13 years at Microsoft.

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2020-12-03 | Inc.

Best in Business 2020 Meet the Companies Making the Biggest Positive Impact in 2020: The Full List

Explore Inc.'s inaugural Best in Business awards recognizing the most inspiring and innovative companies of the year--and Inc.’s prestigious Company of the Year honor.

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2020-11-24 | PitchBook

On the Podcast: The Rapid Rise of Telehealth During COVID-19

At the beginning of 2020, 0.1% of all medical visits each week were conducted via telemedicine. By late April, the height of COVID-19's first wave in the US, that number had increased to nearly 14%. In our final episode focusing on health and wellness tech, we talk about 98point6, a Seattle-based startup behind a text-based primary care app.

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2020-11-19 | Forbes

COVID-19 Taught Us to Put Med Before Tech. Will We Remember the Lesson?

In the quest to solve the many problems in U.S. health care, the industry has looked to technology as the Holy Grail: a bright and shiny object simultaneously contributing to important transformations in medicine while distracting the industry from making critical systemic improvements. Now, worldwide fallout from the coronavirus pandemic is shining a spotlight on the fact that tech is only one piece of the solution to health care's problems.

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2020-11-16 | Health IT Outcomes

In the Pursuit of Health, Community Will See Us Through

Our society functions on the foundation of numerous social contracts: public education, civil liberties, fair taxes, criminal justice. The crises of this year have tested America’s social contracts in unprecedented ways and brought our nation to a time that will someday be reflected upon as a turning point.

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2020-11-03 | Built In Seattle

The 5 Biggest Seattle Tech Funding Rounds Raised $220M in October

October has come to a close, which means we’re well into Q4 and the final stretch of 2020. Although this year has been tough on a lot of businesses, things are gradually getting better, and newly announced funding rounds are a signal. There were a handful of Seattle tech funding rounds in October, both big and small, but the five largest brought in about $220 million in fresh capital—a solid improvement from September. Seattle’s biggest tech funding round for the month of October goes to 98point6, which brought in $118 million.

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2020-10-26 | Small Business Trends

Telehealth Benefit 98point6 Now Available to Small Business

98point6, an on-demand telemedicine provider, announced the launch of its new Client Portal allowing businesses access to 24/7 board-certified physicians. With the Client Portal employees can get diagnosis and treatment including consultations with physicians.

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2020-11-02 | PYMNTS.com

Textual Healing: Startup Connects Virtual Healthcare to Sam’s Club Members

The house call—a kindly doctor lugging a black bag to the doorstep—is a thing of the past. Now, waiting rooms are cramped. But in the age of the pandemic, of course, even a visit to the waiting room is fraught. In an interview with PYMNTS, Robbie Cape, co-founder and CEO of 98point6, a company that offers what it classifies as “text-based primary care” 24/7.

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2020-10-19 | Cheddar

Virtual Care Startup 98point6 Raises $118 Million

Virtual health company 98point6 has raised $118 million in a Series E funding round. 98point6 is an on-demand, text-based primary care provider and on top of its funding, has recently strengthened its partnership with Sam's Club. The company's co-founder and CEO Robbie Cape joined Cheddar to discuss.

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2020-10-19 | PitchBook

Shift to Remote Care Pushes Healthtech Investment to New Heights This Year

When the coronavirus pandemic forced healthcare outside of hospitals, healthtech captured the attention of venture capitalists who have rushed into investing in the space. For telemedicine provider 98point6, the surge in investor interest resulted in an unexpected mega-round. The Seattle-based startup closed a $118 million Series E last week led by L Catterton and Activant Capital. 98point6 had raised $43 million in April and wasn't actively seeking funding, CEO Robbie Cape said.

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2020-10-16 | Business Insider

98point6 Scored $118 Million to Expand Its Online Medical Practice as the Demand for Remote Care Rises

After witnessing a surge in users fueled by the pandemic, 98point6 could use the cash infusion to broaden its scope of telemental health options and keep riding the telehealth boom. The coronavirus pandemic catalyzed a large-scale shift to virtual care, and 98point6 reaped the fruits of patients' sudden interest: From the end of 2019 to the first few months of 2020, the telehealth company saw a 238% upsurge in membership, and it now touts over 240 commercial partnerships.

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2020-10-16 | AiThority

98point6 Announces $118 Million Series E Led by L Catterton and Activant Capital to Support Rapid Growth

98point6, an on-demand digital primary care service that delivers personalized consultation, diagnosis and treatment to patients across the country, announced a $118 million Series E fundraising round to further support its growth and success. The text-based primary care platform now has more than 240 commercial partnerships—accounting for three million members—with prominent brands including Banner|Aetna, Boeing, Circle K, Red Bull North America, Sam’s Club, and Teamsters Western Region and New Jersey Health Care Fund.

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2020-10-15 | PYMNTS

Text-Based Healthcare Platform 98point6 Nets $118m After Membership Grows 274%

On-demand digital healthcare service 98point6 has come off a Series E funding round with $118 million. Through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), along with expertise from certified physicians, 98point6 enables a more accessible and affordable brand of primary care.

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2020-10-15 | Law360

Text-Messaging Health Provider Scores $118M From PE Firms

Digital health care platform 98point6, working with Wilson Sonsini, said Thursday it landed $118 million in its latest funding round as the company, which allows patients to seek treatment via text messages, is seeing a rise in demand amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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2020-10-15 | Fierce Healthcare

Goldman Sachs-Backed 98point6 Banks $118M to Expand Virtual Primary Care

98point6, which Cape founded in 2015, was not looking to raise more funds, but the latest financing round was entirely driven by inbound interest, Cape told Fierce Healthcare. "We didn’t make a single external call. We were getting calls from a lot of different potential investors and we decided as a group to take those calls and remain open-minded to the possibility of raising additional money if we met the right investor that we wanted to partner with," he said.

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2020-10-15 | GeekWire

GeekWire Summit: Telehealth Experts Say COVID-19 Created an Opportunity to Reimagine Healthcare

“A subscription model is the best way to allow patients to have essentially unlimited access, high levels of access — they can come back when they want,” said Dr. Brad Younggren, chief medical officer at 98point6. “There’s a doctor essentially in the home of those families 24/7 and especially in COVID-19, what we’ve learned is this is a really a reassuring thing for families.”

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2020-10-15 | HIT Consultant

98point6 Lands $118M to Expand Text-Based Primary Care Platform

In just the past year, the company has grown 274 percent and serves more than three million members through more than 240 commercial partnerships with brands like Premera, Banner|Aetna, Boeing, Circle K, Sam’s Club, and others. The platform continues to see usage across age groups: pediatrics ages 1–17 (7%), 18–35 (47%), 36–50 (28%) and 50+ (18%), and 90% of patients surveyed say they would use the service again.

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2020-10-15 | VC News Daily

98point6 Lands $118M Series E Round

98point6, an on-demand digital primary care service that delivers personalized consultation, diagnosis and treatment to patients across the country, today announced a $118 million Series E fundraising round to further support its growth and success. The text-based primary care platform now has more than 240 commercial partnerships-accounting for three million members-with prominent brands including Banner|Aetna, Boeing, Circle K, Red Bull North America, Sam's Club, and Teamsters Western Region and New Jersey Health Care Fund.

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2020-10-15 | Puget Sound Business Journal

Telehealth Provider 98point6 Raises $118M to Expand R&D

The company will continue to build and scale, but this latest funding round will go toward expanding research and development in areas like user experience delivery, artificial intelligence and natural language processing, CEO Robbie Cape said.

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2020-10-15 | FinSMEs

98point6 Raises $118M in Series E Funding

98point6, a Seattle, WA-based on-demand digital primary care service that delivers personalized consultation, diagnosis and treatment to patients across the country, raised $118m in Series E funding.

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2020-10-15 | MedCity News

Text-Based Primary Care Startup 98point6 Raises $118M

The text-based primary care startup raised $118 million, for a total of more than $240 million to date. Private equity firms L Catterton and Activant Capital both led the series E funding round.

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2020-10-15 | MobiHealthNews

98point6's $118M Series E for Test-Based Primary Care

"98point6 has experienced accelerated growth over the last year, due in part to the pandemic, as more organizations recognized the existing and undeniable desire for on-demand, digitally enabled care," Robbie Cape, CEO and cofounder of 98point6, said in a statement. "The increased interest in 98point6 put us in a unique position to serve many in a time of need."

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2020-10-15 | Medium

Writing a New Chapter in Primary Care

At Activant, we are hyper-focused on identifying companies that bring next-generation technology to legacy industries that are ripe for digital disruption. In the case of our investment with 98point6, we believe that the combination of AI technology and great physicians will solve a massive challenge of providing low cost and high-quality primary care to everyone

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2020-10-15 | Built In Seattle

98point6 Raises $118M Series E as Demand for Healthtech Soars

On Thursday, Seattle-based 98point6 announced the closing of its $118 million Series E funding round, which was led by L Catterton and Activant.

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2020-10-15 | Crunchbase

98point6 Raises Temperature of Virtual Care With $118M Series E

One of the companies at the forefront of the space is Seattle-based 98point6, providing on-demand digital primary care service for patients that includes personalized consultation, diagnosis and treatment.

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2020-10-15 | The Wall Street Journal

Investors Bankroll Virtual-Care Startup 98point6 With $118 Million

Investors are bankrolling virtual primary-care startup 98point6 Inc. with $118 million, betting on a company whose business has surged this year along with rising demand for telehealth services.

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2020-10-15 | GeekWire

Virtual Primary Care Startup 98point6 Raises $118M as Pandemic Sparks Demand for Digital Health Tech

Demand is through the roof for Seattle telemedicine startup 98point6. The company, which helps facilitate virtual primary care appointments, has seen its membership base skyrocket 274% this year as people look for medical advice without going to a physical doctor’s office during the pandemic.

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2020-10-15 | Business Insider

Healthcare Startups Are Racing to the Public Markets. 98point6 Shares Why They Decided to Raise $118M From Private Investors Instead

The startup, which provides virtual primary care through text messaging, wasn't actively seeking new funding, Cape said, so the new funds will be largely allocated to funding research and development of new tools and features, specifically in behavioral health.

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2020-10-15 | Cision PR Newswire

98point6 Announces $118 Million Series E Led by L Catterton and Activant Capital to Support Rapid Growth

98point6 announced a $118 million Series E fundraising round to further support its growth and success. The text-based primary care platform now has more than 240 commercial partnerships—accounting for three million members—with prominent brands including Banner|Aetna, Boeing, Circle K, Red Bull North America, Sam's Club, and Teamsters Western Region and New Jersey Health Care Fund.

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2020-10-12 | Business Insider

Digital Health Startups to Watch: An Inside Look at the Top Us Startups Transforming Healthcare Through AI, Telehealth, and Medical Devices

Digital health startups, like 98point6, are transforming the US healthcare system amid the growing demand for improved healthcare delivery catalyzed by the coronavirus pandemic.

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2020-10-07 | GeekWire

GeekWire Summit Preview: A Glimpse of the Future of Tech, Health, Education, Jobs and More

Telehealth is playing a crucial role in both coronavirus screening and primary care as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Hear from 98point6 Chief Medical Officer Dr. Brad Younggren.

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2020-09-28 | Raise the Line Podcast

Raise the Line Podcast: Let Physicians Impact Change – Dr. Bradley Younggren, 98point6 CMO

"If we do things right, this will be your last job." That's the message Dr. Bradley Younggren has for physicians applying to join his company 98point6, which offers a text-based, AI-powered mobile app for delivering primary care.

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2020-09-28 | GeekWire

Tech Moves: Expedia and f5 Networks Add Board Members; Madrona Principal Departs; And More

Former Rover and Cheezburger CTO Scott Porad is now vice president of engineering at Seattle virtual healthcare startup 98point6.

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2020-09-09 | GreekWire Studios

How do we collaborate and innovate together in the midst of a pandemic?

A GeekWire Studios virtual session with leaders from Premera and their partners in delivering text & video-based virtual care to nearly all 2.3 million Premera and LifeWise Health Plan of Washington members. The panel explored “Just-in-Time” innovation collaboration for on-demand care, telehealth treatment for opioid addiction and other behavioral health applications and consumerism’s impact on post-pandemic healthcare delivery

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2020-09-24 | Business Insider

Sam’s Club and 98point6 Are Partnering To Offer Members $1 Telehealth Visits

Sam's Club and virtual primary care provider 98point6 joined forces to offer Sam's Club members exclusive virtual care offerings, including $1 telehealth visits.

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2020-09-23 | LifeHacker

What to Know About Sam’s Club’s Telehealth Program

Sam’s Club has partnered with Seattle-based health startup 98point6 to launch a new telehealth service. According to yesterday’s press release, the service offers 24/7 access to both live doctors and a virtual primary care physician—without an appointment—through an AI-powered, text message-based app.

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2020-09-22 | The Street

Walmart's Sam's Club Teams Up with Telehealth Startup 98point6

Get Report membership-based retail unit, is promoting Seattle startup 98point6 as a telehealth service for its customers. The retailer is offering virtual healthcare through the five-year-old Seattle startup, Geekwire reported. Sam’s Club members will get a discounted introductory fee of $20 for the first three months, down from $30, and then $33.50 per month after that. Quarterly and year subscriptions are available.

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2020-09-22 | USA Today

Sam's Club Offers Doctor Visits with New Telehealth Subscription

Sam's Club is giving its members a new way to see the doctor – virtually. The Walmart-owned warehouse club chain announced a partnership with Seattle-based virtual primary care provider 98point6 Tuesday to provide members with an exclusive introductory fee and quarterly subscription.

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2020-09-22 | FierceHealthcare

Sam's Club Membership Now Comes with Telehealth Perk

ome Sam’s Club memberships already come with health perks such as free select prescriptions and discounts on glasses. Now, the membership warehouse club—which is a division of Walmart—is extending a telehealth discount with virtual care provider 98point6 to all members after a yearlong pilot. Through the collaboration, Sam’s Cub members will have exclusive offerings on 98point6’s telehealth virtual clinic via a text-based app.

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2020-09-22 | Becker's Hospital Review

Sam's Club Launches $1 Telehealth Visits For Members

Sam's Club partnered with primary care telehealth provider 98point6 to offer members virtual visits.

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2020-09-22 | GeekWire

Sam’s Club Partners with Seattle Startup 98point6 to Offer Customers Telehealth Service

Sam’s Club, a division of Walmart, is promoting Seattle startup 98point6 as a telehealth service for its customers. The grocery giant will offer virtual healthcare through 98point6, a 5-year-old startup that has seen business surge during the pandemic. Sam’s Club members will get a discounted introductory fee of $20 for the first three months (normally $30), and then $33.50/month after that. Quarterly and year subscriptions are available.

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2020-09-22 | Sam's Club

Sam’s Club Teams Up with 98point6 to Offer Exclusive Subscription Plan Options

Sam’s Club announced today that it is collaborating with virtual primary care provider 98point6® to provide members exclusive offerings on 98point6’s telehealth virtual clinic via a text-based app.

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2020-09-17 | The Arizona Republic

Telehealth Advanced by a Decade in Just One Month of the Coronavirus Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has complicated every aspect of life and business. Providing health care for Arizonans has been no exception. Between office closures, stay-at-home mandates and individuals’ understandable reluctance to attend in-person appointments, health-care and insurance providers have had to adapt with extraordinary quickness.

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2020-09-16 | Slice of Healthcare Podcast

Slice of Healthcare Podcast with Dr. Bradley Younggren

Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Seattle, 98point6 is pioneering a new approach to primary care. By pairing deep technology with board-certified physicians, our vision is to make primary care more accessible and affordable—leading to better health and reducing the cost of care. They meet consumers where they are by offering private, text-based diagnosis and treatment via a mobile app.

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2020-09-15 | Homeland Preparedness News

BARDA Joins 98point6 COVID-19 Effort

The development of a diagnostic tool for assessing, diagnosing, reporting, and tracking COVID-19 patients by 98point6 is now being supported by the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA).

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2020-09-11 | Medical Countermeasures.gov

BARDA and 98point6 Partner to Accelerate COVID-19 Program

BARDA and 98point6 have forged a partnership to accelerate efforts on their comprehensive program of assessment, triage, diagnosis, reporting and tracking of patients infected with SARS-CoV-2. By connecting people with board-certified physicians through the convenience of an easy-to-use mobile app, 98point6 empowers patients to seek and receive care safely from their remote location, preventing the unnecessary spread of infection.

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2020-08-28 | CTA

98point6 Is Transforming Virtual Health Care with Text-Based Primary Care

Consumers today expect convenience in all aspects of their lives, including health care. Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® member 98point6 is meeting this need while maintaining quality of care. The company offers private and secure text-based care via a mobile app. Its services include unlimited access to medical consults, diagnosis, treatment, ordering of labs and prescriptions, follow-ups and reminders.

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2020-08-25 | LoopNet

Healthcare Firm's New Office Is a Modern, Dynamic Digital Space

Healthcare company 98point6 is anything but a generic medical practice — and its new office design reflects its modern approach to patient care. Infused with vibrant colors and greenery, the space on the 25th floor of Seattle’s Columbia Center building boasts sweeping views of downtown Seattle, Elliot Bay and Mount Rainier.

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2020-08-18 | The Tech Tribune

2021 Best Tech Startups in Seattle

The Tech Tribune staff has compiled the very best tech startups in Seattle, Washington. In doing our research, we considered several factors including but not limited to: revenue potential, leadership team, brand/product traction, competitive landscape. Additionally, all companies must be independent (un-acquired), privately owned, at most 10 years old, and have received at least one round of funding in order to qualify.

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2020-08-13 | CBInsights

Digital Health 150: The Digital Health Startups Transforming The Future Of Healthcare

The Digital Health 150 is CB Insights' annual ranking of the 150 most promising digital health startups in the world. This year's winning companies include startups working on interoperability, at-home care, emerging benefits, and more.

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2020-08-12 | Cheddar

Pediatrician Dr. Jud Heugel Says 'Not Sharing is the New Caring'

Elementary school will look a little different this year. Dr. Jud Heugel, Pediatrician and Director of Pediatrics at 98point6, joins Cheddar to discuss how to prepare kids to return to school.

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2020-08-11 | Spokesman.com

Washington’s Rural Health Care Is at a Crossroads

For too long, rural health care has remained overlooked and underfunded, in some ways invisible to the rest of the American health care system. Now, the coronavirus is putting Washington’s rural health care at a critical crossroads.

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2020-07-29 | Puget Sound Business Journal

Seattle Startup Delivers Virtual Health Care to Homeless in LA

98point6, a virtual primary care provider based in Seattle, is working with the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority to deliver health care services to thousands of people without permanent shelter. And it's looking to do the same in Seattle.

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2020-07-22 | MedCity News

Beyond COVID-19: Five Opportunities for Startups To Reshape the Future Healthcare Landscape

The novel coronavirus pandemic has upended the world as we know it, taking an unprecedented toll on health and human life. The healthcare ecosystem has quickly mobilized to mitigate the crisis – modifying care access points and modalities while producing financing mechanisms to sustain patient care amidst dire circumstances.

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2020-07-16 | GeekWire

Presenting the 2020 GeekWire Awards Finalists

It has been a few months since we announced our Awards’ finalists and since COVID-19 delayed our physical show, we wanted to provide a quick refresher on who is in the running for this prestigious event.

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2020-07-10 | GeekWire

GeekWire 200 Update: Health Tech and B2C Startups Rise Up Rankings

The ongoing global pandemic is rewriting the startup playbook. Some companies have accelerated growth plans, many pivoted or reduced staff, and others are cautiously charging ahead.

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2020-06-30 | Business Insider

A New Bill Asks Congress To Make Expanded Telehealth Coverage By The CARES Act Permanent

A bill introduced in the House — called the Advancing Telehealth Beyond COVID-19 Act — would ensure that telehealth regulations implemented through the CARES Act in response to the pandemic remain permanent. If passed, the proposed legislation will allow the HHS to waive geographical limitations for Medicare beneficiaries using telehealth or remote patient monitoring services, as well as establish permanent telehealth coverage at Rural Health Clinics (RHC).

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2020-06-25 | Forbes

How Hospitals Can Reverse The Patient Deferment Trend

From twice-yearly dentist appointments and annual physicals to routine surgeries or emergency services, healthcare is essential to our lives and a constant in an otherwise hectic world. But even before the unprecedented spread of Covid-19, our research found that 23.24% of American consumers were intentionally choosing to defer both routine and necessary health care services.

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2020-06-24 | Paradox Podcast

The Paradocs Podcast: Primary Care by Text Message with Dr. Brad Younggren

What does it mean to have a virtual telehealth doctor's visit? Can artificial intelligence (AI) and telehealth actually work in a medical setting in a way that doesn't frustrate doctors or patients? Well, my guest today is the chief medical officer of 98Point6 which is a text based primary care service for patients.

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2020-06-19 | Architect Magazine

Best Practice Architecture, 98point6 Gallery

Looking to grow their existing office in Seattle’s iconic Columbia Center, text-based primary care provider 98point6 added the 25th floor to their existing floor of workspace, boasting panoramic views of Downtown Seattle, Elliott Bay, and Mount Rainier. The company selected Best Practice Architecture to tackle the design of the new office, and the result is a vibrant, color-infused space that creates a range of places to work flexibly and is both full of spirit and greenery.

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2020-06-17 | Bloomberg

Telehealth, Tested in Covid-19 Crucible, Expands in Health Plans

Convinced that telemedicine, which exploded during Covid-19 shelter-in-place orders, is here to stay, insurers are moving to expand networks and provide virtual primary care plans at lower premiums and less cost-sharing for patients.

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2020-06-15 | Home Health News

Senior Telehealth Use Continues to Rise, Despite Home Health Limitations

The health care sector has long had the capability to use telehealth, but it took the COVID-19 emergency to prompt widespread adoption. After three months of the crisis, emerging data is now making the sweeping rate of that adoption clearer. Seniors are among the most susceptible to the COVID-19 virus. Recently unveiled data suggests that telehealth usage has skyrocketed within this group, in particular.

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2020-06-03 | Business Insider

The State of Virtual Care In the U.S.

The coronavirus pandemic has been a watershed moment for telehealth — or the use of mobile technology to deliver health-related services, such as remote doctor consultations and patient monitoring — as patients have had to reimagine the ways they seek healthcare.

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2020-05-29 | Healthline

Model Finds Midwest and Southern States at Risk for COVID-19 Surges as They Reopen

It could begin anywhere. As restrictions are eased nationwide, any stray cough or sneeze could potentially start a new wave of COVID-19.

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2020-05-27 | Healthcare Business Today

Now Is the Time to Support Our Essential Workers and Allow Employers to Provide Access to Care for Their Frontline Employees

It’s a pivotal time in modern history, and humanity is facing a crossroads. Our American lawmakers are in the spotlight, working hard to develop public policy responses to the greatest healthcare and economic disruption in the history of our country.

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2020-05-27 | Bloomberg

Companies in Demand During Virus Outbreak Make Key Legal Hires

Telehealth startup 98point6 Inc.’s legal group has found itself in the enviable position of expanding during the past two months as employers embraced on-demand virtual health care technology. The privately held company’s nine-person legal team, which includes lawyers, paralegals, security officers, and compliance professionals, has adapted to sweeping regulatory changes such as the CARES Act, while also helping wrap up a $43 million financing round in April led by the merchant banking arm of The Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

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2020-05-27 | Design Milk

Best Practice Architecture Designs a Color Rich Office for Healthcare App

In Seattle’s Columbia Center, text-based healthcare app 98point6 has taken over the 25th floor with an expanded workspace that includes panoramic views of downtown Seattle, Elliott Bay, and Mount Rainier. Designed by Best Practice Architecture alongside Architect of Record Marvin Yamaguchi, the new office is an open, light-filled space boasting a dynamic color palette, plenty of greenery, and flexible workspaces for all to partake.

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2020-05-14 | Premera Blue Cross

Premera Blue Cross Launches Its First Virtual Primary Care Health Plan

The trusted family doctor is going virtual just in time for the upcoming employer open enrollment season, thanks to the launch of Premera Blue Cross’ first-ever virtual primary care plan, the company announced today. Called Premera NOW, the new product leverages digital solutions to help customers access care easily and affordably without leaving the comfort of their home. Washington-state employers can purchase the product now for availability October 1, 2020.

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2020-05-12 | HR Executive

Here’s How Employers Are Changing Benefits Due to COVID-19

More employers are turning to benefits to help employees through the coronavirus pandemic. Despite some companies reducing costs though furloughs, pay cuts and reductions to 401(k) matching contributions, nearly half of employers surveyed by Willis Towers Watson say they’re enhancing healthcare benefits and broadening wellbeing programs as a result of the current environment.

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2020-05-05 | Inside Health Policy

Stakeholders Seek Legislative Fix To Allow Stand-Alone Telehealth

Congress should include in the next stimulus bill language that would let employers offer their part-time or seasonal workers stand-alone telehealth services without running afoul of existing law, say employer groups and telehealth providers. The providers are already lobbying Treasury to administratively allow such plans, but they say legislation is also needed to ensure employers can act without risk of lawsuits.

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2020-05-14 | Built In Seattle

How to Align Teams Behind a Product Roadmap

“The one thing we know for sure about a plan is that it is going to change.” This saying is one the team at 98point6 is fond of saying because it’s true, especially when applied to product roadmaps, said Siddharth Bhatia, director of product at the Seattle-based healthtech startup.

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2020-05-18 | Fierce Healthcare

Premera Blue Cross Teams Up with 98point6 to Launch Virtual Primary Care Plan

Premera NOW will be available to the insurer's employer clients beginning in October. The plan, designed in partnership with telehealth company 98point6, will offer free virtual visits through the platform and a lower premium compared to a standard PPO plan, Premera said in an announcement.

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2020-05-19 | Business Insider

Premera Blue Cross Is Launching Its First-Ever Virtual Primary Care Plan

Premera Blue Cross launched its first-ever virtual primary care plan, dubbed Premera Now, in partnership with primary care telehealth company 98point6. The plan will be available to employers in Washington state starting October 1st.

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2020-05-14 | Globe Newswire

Premera Blue Cross Launches Its First Virtual Primary Care Health Plan

The trusted family doctor is going virtual just in time for the upcoming employer open enrollment season, thanks to the launch of Premera Blue Cross’ first-ever virtual primary care plan, the company announced today.

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2020-04-29 | GeekWire

How We Make Healthcare Work Better After the Pandemic

Primary care apps, like Doctor On Demand and 98point6 and behavioral health apps, like Talkspace, Boulder Care and Workit Health, have seen their own surge in demand. Premera has partnered with these start-ups to increase access to care options at no additional cost for all of our 2.3 million members across the country.

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2020-04-30 | Cision PR Newswire

98point6 Partners With Boeing, Chipotle, Circle K and Kindercare to Provide Text-Based Primary Care in Response to COVID-19

"Chipotle's partnership with 98point6 started January 1, 2020. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we quickly recognized that 98point6 services could be expanded and leveraged to allow our team members to immediately access affordable care in a time of social distancing," said Marissa Andrada, chief people officer at Chipotle.

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2020-04-30 | Healthcare Dive

Telehealth Startup 98point6 Grows Membership 16% With 4 Major Employer Deals

Mobile app-based telehealth vendor 98point6 has inked deals with Boeing, Chipotle, convenience store chain Circle K and daycare operator KinderCare to provide virtual primary care for their 500,000 combined employees as the coronavirus pandemic continues to accelerate the shift to a virtual-first delivery model.

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2020-04-30 | Puget Sound Business Journal

98point6 Expands Partnerships With Boeing, Kindercare, Chipotle, Circle K

The virtual care provider's volume has grown 200% since the beginning of the year, almost half of those interactions attributed to Covid-19 concerns.

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2020-05-04 | MedCity News

Companies Buy Into Text-Based Primary Care During Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused employers to look for ways to beef up their telehealth benefits. One example: A Seattle-based startup offering text-based primary care services landed four new corporate clients this year. 98point6 will bring its text-based primary care platform to Boeing, Chipotle, Circle K and KinderCare, for a total of more than 500,000 employees. The company has a total of more than 3 million users.

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2020-05-04 | Built In Seattle

Weekly Refresh: Microsoft Stock Soared, Imperative Raised $3M, and More

98point6 partners with Boeing, Chipotle and more. The company will now be providing text-based primary care to the employees of a new batch of enterprise clients also including Circle K and KinderCare.

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2020-05-05 | Inc.

Introducing Inc.'s Best Workplaces of 2020

While great companies and the people who run them are always top of mind at Inc., at this moment in particular--with orders canceled, offices emptied, and many businesses driven to the brink--it is completely time to celebrate the companies that have managed to rise above. Here, find practical advice for managing teams, motivating performance, and leading with integrity--in good times and bad.

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2020-05-05 | T-Mobile News

Telemedicine: Telesafe, Teleconvenient

One of the apps you’ll likely come across in searching for a new doctor and telehealth service is 98point6, which offers on-demand, text-based primary care. Dozens of full-time, board-certified primary care physicians provide diagnoses and treatments through the app. “It’s truly a primary care experience rather than a traditional telehealth visit,” says Brad Younggren, 98point6’s chief medical officer. “Doctors are doing almost everything they'd do in a brick and mortar office.”

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2020-04-17 | Inc.

Telehealth Startups Rake in Money During the Pandemic

Seattle-based 98Point6 announced a $43 million Series D on April 3 with funding from Goldman Sachs and Costco co-founder James Sinegal, among others. The startup gives customers on-demand access to doctors via text chat or video at a cost of $20 for the first year and $120 for the second. 98point6 CEO Robbie Cape.COURTESY COMPANY 98point6's app has seen a 200 percent usage increase since January, with one-third of all visits now Covid-19-related, according to the company.

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2020-04-22 | CB Insights

The United States of Digital Health Startups

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, digital health categories including telehealth, at-home diagnostics, and remote monitoring have been the object of renewed attention. In this map, we highlight the top-funded digital health startup in every US state.

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2020-04-27 | The Wall Street Journal

The Doctor Will Zoom You Now

With most of the U.S. under some kind of directive to stay home, these are boom times for digital doctors. Besides worried patients whose symptoms sound like Covid-19, there are plenty of asthmatics, diabetics and discoverers of alarming rashes who still need prescriptions, even if they’re not allowed within two yardsticks of a live physician. Two telemedicine companies, Doctor on Demand and 98point6, each say their volume tripled recently.

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2020-04-10 | Vator News

Telenor, Ericsson and Sony Team up for Healthcare Iot, Project Safe@Home Debuts for COVID Patients

98point6, a provider of AI-driven virtual doctor visits, raised a $43 million Series D round of funding, though its current investors were not disclosed. The company last raised $50 million in October 2018 led by Goldman Sachs, and this latest round brings the company's total funding to $129 million.

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2020-04-13 | eMarketer

Telemedicine Could Be More Widely Adopted Due to the Coronavirus

Telemedicine startups in the US (such as Amwell, Doctor on Demand, Ro and 98point6) have reported an unprecedented surge in use as patients are told to avoid going directly to the ER if they do not have severe symptoms. According to a March 2020 SSCG Media Group study, 53% of the healthcare practitioners surveyed said they were using telemedicine because of the restrictions imposed by COVID-19, but they had not used telemedicine prior to this pandemic.

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2020-04-14 | Healthcare Weekly

98point6 Raises $43m to Tackle COVID-19

On-demand primary care startup 98point6 is having a brilliant start to 2020. The startup announced that it had raised $43 million in a Series D financing, with the funding to be used to expand the company’s artificial intelligence-enabled telemedicine platform.

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2020-04-17 | Healthcare Tech Outlook

To Optimize Telemedicine, Virtual Healthcare Tech 98point6 Raises $43m

98point6, a Seattle-based startup, raised $43 million to support and increase the capacity of its virtual healthcare technology amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Since January of this year, the patient volume has increased by 200 percent, of which 40 percent of visits are due to coronavirus-related issues over the past three months.

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2020-04-17 | The Wall Street Journal

Pandemic Could Spur Longer-Term Gains for Telemedicine

The rising use of telemedicine spurred by the novel coronavirus pandemic could lift the sector over obstacles and drive more venture-capital investment in the field, according to analysts. Investors have recently backed startups such as 98point6 Inc., a Seattle-based provider of text-based primary-care services, whose backers include Goldman Sachs’s merchant banking division and Frazier Healthcare Partners Managing Partner Nader Naini.

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2020-03-16 | International Business Times

What Is Telemedicine? Virtual Health Startups See Surge in Demand Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Meanwhile, several startups including 98point6, Amwell and Ro have witnessed significant growth in the number of virtual visits related to coronavirus. These startups have introduced COVID-19 screening tools. Amwell, which witnessed a 40% increase in virtual visits in recent days, had started staffing up because of a sudden increase in demand. 98point6, which began developing the tools in January, has also signed new clients.

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2020-03-13 | PitchBook

Telemedicine Startups See Sharp Demand Driven by Coronavirus Fears

Telemedicine startups in the US are experiencing a surge in demand amid the coronavirus outbreak, helped in part by a push from the federal government and health insurers. The volume of virtual visits has roughly doubled for AI-enabled telehealth platform 98point6. Virtual clinic usage at Amwell (formerly American Well) has surged roughly 40% above normal in recent days, and startup Ro said it has seen “significant” growth in coronavirus-related online visits.

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2020-03-13 | Forbes

How Mobile Messaging Can Help the Fight Against Coronavirus

In the US, 98point6 has been a trailblazer for text-based telehealth solutions via their secure mobile app. 98point6 is on-demand, text-based primary care that connects board-certified physicians licensed in all 50 states with patients 24/7. Leslie O'Brien, their director of national account management and client experience, explains that while the platform offers voice, video and audio solutions, text is by far the preferred modality of communication.

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2020-03-13 | Seattle Bootcamps

40+ Seattle Startups to Watch in 2020

Our look at 40+ Seattle startups to watch has the inside scoop on the city’s most exciting startup companies. 98point6 pairs deep technology with board-certified physicians to make primary care more accessible and affordable. The firm meets consumers where they are and offers private, text-based diagnoses and mobile treatment via smartphone apps. Their approach has the aim to lead to better health and reduce the overall cost of care.

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2020-04-03 | Venture Beat

98point6 Raises $43 Million to Expand Its AI-Powered Telehealth Service

98point6, a telemedical startup whose platform pairs clinicians with AI to provide text-based care, today announced that it secured $40 million in financing. CEO Robbie Cape, a former Microsoft executive and the founder of the family organization company Cozi, said the capital would be used to hire three times more physicians by the end of April.

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2020-04-06 | Primary Care Cures

Episode # 62 – Wait! a Near Perfect c19 Solution? a Virtual Primary Care Giving People the Right Care at the Right Time. Meet Dr. Brad Younggren, Chief Medical Officer at 98point6.

In this episode Ron chats with Dr. Brad Younggren, the Chief Medical Officer at 98point6. 98point6 is a text first based Primary Care that meets patients where they are at, on their own phone. Here they discuss the importance of offering a technology like theirs and having it available in non-traditional settings. Brad dives into what differentiates their platform from traditional primary care, especially when it comes to patient convenience and experience. They also talk about mobile medical devices, having virtual doctor visits, platforms like this in the age of coronavirus, and much more.

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2020-04-06 | Built In Seattle

98point6 Raises $43m for Telemedicine Platform Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Seattle-based startup 98point6 announced Friday it raised $43 million in financing to expand its AI-enabled telemedicine platform. This round follows a $50 million Series C from 2018, bringing the company’s total funding raised to $129 million.

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2020-04-03 | Puget Sound Business Journal

Virtual Health Provider to Quadruple Physician Headcount, Hire Across the Board After Raising $43m

Seattle-based 98point6 is rapidly growing its virtual health care membership as it adds COVID-19 tools and people are urged to stay home.

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2020-04-03 | GeekWire

98point6 Raises $43m From Goldman Sachs, Costco Co-Founder, Others to Expand Virtual Healthcare Tech

Seattle startup 98point6 just raised $43 million to help increase capacity for its virtual healthcare technology amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Patient volume has increased 200% since January, the company said, and 40% of patient visits have been COVID-19 related over the past three months. The fresh cash will help 98point6 increase its physician total by 3X this month.

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2020-04-03 | Vator News

Telehealth Platform 98point6 Raises $43m to Triple Its Number of Physicians

98point6, a provider of AI-driven virtual doctor visits, is one company that has been massive increases since the coronavirus crisis began: the company's clinic volume has grown by more than 200 percent since the start of the year, with coronavirus-related concerns accounting for about 40 percent of all patient visits, the company revealed on Friday.

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2020-04-02 | GeekWire

Tech Community Sets up Telehealth Service Directory in Response to White House’s Call

Amazon Web Services and two tech industry groups have created a new online resource that lists dozens of digital health products, tools and services to help the health care industry cope with complications brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. Several Pacific Northwest health care ventures are in the directory, including 98point6, a Seattle virtual health care provide

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2020-03-26 | Forbes

The Coronavirus Has Created a Surge of Telemedicine Demand. GoodRX Now Lets Consumers Compare Services

The telemedicine market is booming, and has only accelerated due to the current COVID-19 pandemic that has been causing people to stay in their homes and seek out alternative ways to talk with a doctor. The new marketplace compares plans from that service, as well as 98point6, One Medical, Hims, K Health, and other telemedicine companies.

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2020-03-31 | Philadelphia Magazine

How to Make a Telemedicine Appointment and Other Faqs

Even if you’re feeling sick, right now is not the best time to physically be in a doctor’s office or hospital if you don’t have to be. Luckily, there have been huge advancements in telemedicine over the years, which are coming in handy now. Paying out-of-pocket varies, with some telemedicine visits at between $50 to $80 per visit, and others, like 98point6, offering rates like $20 for the first year of membership and $1 per visit.

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2020-03-30 | Huffington Post

How Do the Coronavirus Tests Work?

As COVID-19 spreads and is now within many of our communities, there are all sorts of rumors, questions and horror stories flying around about what the testing process is like: Does it hurt to get the nasal swab done? How long does it take to get the results back? Where do you go to get the test done? And what happens if a test comes back positive?

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2020-03-26 | Newswire (GoodRX)

GoodRx Launches Marketplace for Online Doctor Visits

GoodRx, America’s leading marketplace for affordable and convenient healthcare, today announced the GoodRx telehealth marketplace. At launch, the telehealth marketplace offers care to residents in all 50 states and includes services from over 10 partners, including HeyDoctor by GoodRx, K Health, One Medical, Doctor on Demand, Galileo, 98point6, Ro Brands (Roman, Rory), Nurx, Lemonaid, and SteadyMD, with additional services being added in the coming weeks.

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2020-03-26 | Becker's Hospital Review

5 Payers Waiving Telehealth Visit Costs During Coronavirus Pandemic

Premera Blue Cross is waiving cost shares for all medically necessary COVID-19 treatment telehealth services, as well as telehealth appointments for members enrolled in PPO plans, effective March 24. The insurer partnered with 98point6 and Doctor on Demand to deliver text and video-based virtual care to its members for at least 90 days

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2020-03-25 | TechWire

Exponential Challenges Call for Extreme Adaptability in Leadership

Telehealth companies such as 98point6 (another Direct Technology sister company) use a combination of AI and video calling to help physicians screen and diagnose patients over a mobile app, order tests, and prescribe medications. This helps relieve the burden on physical facilities and limit contact and viral community spread.

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2020-03-25 | Business Insider

Meet the 12 Telemedicine Startups Being Put to the Test as They Gear up to Confront the Coronavirus Pandemic

Telehealth companies are gearing up to help in the fight against the novel coronavirus. For startups in the industry, it's a critical chance to prove they can be useful at a time of need. The startups are adding appointments, physicians, programs, and tests to help providers combat the pandemic, according to a recent report from CB Insights.

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2020-03-25 | Cision PR Newswire

First Choice Health Covers the Cost of Telehealth and Virtual Care Services for Employers via 98point6 Amid COVID-19 Crisis

To help ensure people will have access to a doctor during the current COVID-19 crisis, First Choice Health (FCH), a leading provider-owned healthcare administrator in the Northwest, has announced that it is covering the cost of telehealth services for its self-funded employer customers via on-demand primary care service 98point6.

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2020-03-25 | Globe Newswire

Premera Blue Cross Expands Telehealth Offerings at Little to No Cost to Members During COVID-19 Pandemic

Premera Blue Cross, a leading health plan in the Pacific Northwest, today announced a major expansion of its telehealth services at little to no cost to its members in response to the unprecedented demand for virtual care ignited by the COVID-19 pandemic. The company has signed agreements with 98point6 and Doctor On Demand to deliver text- and video-based virtual care to nearly all 2.3 million Premera and LifeWise Health Plan of Washington members for at least 90 days.

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2020-03-20 | AP News

Telemedicine Emerges as Care Option During COVID-19 Outbreak

Got a worrisome rash? You can still see a doctor if you can’t leave home during the coronavirus outbreak. U.S. public health officials, hospitals and insurance companies are pushing people to try telemedicine for their allergies, earaches and other minor problems and skip the doctor’s office or clinic.

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2020-03-19 | Healthcare Dive

Telehealth Payment Parity in Medicare Welcome, but Some Vendors Say It Should Have Come Sooner

If a company wants to provide telemedicine to its employees, that then qualifies as providing health insurance, meaning the plan needs to meet the ACA's minimum standards, including coverage of the 10 essential health benefits. "There should be an exception, and there isn't right now," Robbie Cape, CEO of app-based provider 98point6, told Healthcare Dive. "A wave of the wand by the federal government in this area would end up getting tens of millions of people across the U.S. coverage."

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2020-03-16 | International Business Times

What Is Telemedicine? Virtual Health Startups See Surge In Demand Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Several startups including 98point6, Amwell and Ro have witnessed significant growth in the number of virtual visits related to coronavirus. These startups have introduced COVID-19 screening tools. Amwell, which witnessed a 40% increase in virtual visits in recent days, had started staffing up because of a sudden increase in demand.

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2020-03-10 | Forbes

Meet America’s Best Startup Employers 2020

Forbes partnered with market research company Statista to identify the up-and-coming companies liked best by their employees in our inaugural ranking of America’s best startup employers. The list was compiled by evaluating 2,500 American businesses with at least 50 employees on three criteria: employer reputation, employee satisfaction and growth.

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2020-03-04 | Electronic Health Reporter

CTA Launches First-Ever Industry-Led Standard for AI in Healthcare

More than 50 organizations – from major tech giants to startups and healthcare industry leaders – convened by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) have developed the first-ever ANSI-accredited standard for the use of artificial intelligence in healthcare. This standard, part of CTA’s new initiative on AI, is the first in a series that will set a foundation for implementing medical and healthcare solutions built on AI.

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2020-03-05 | GeekWire

How This Seattle Startup Is Using Telemedicine to Help Curb the Spread of the Coronavirus

As the U.S. struggles to contain coronavirus infections, one of the lessons from China — where the disease originated and infection rates surged, but are now in decline — is to embrace digital healthcare.

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2020-03-12 | Consumer Technology Association

CTA Introduces New, Virtual Care Principles Industry-Led by Doctor On Demand, 98point6, Livongo, Others

The CTA Guiding Principles on Virtual Care were created and reviewed by about ten CTA member companies including 98point6, BioIntelliSense, Doctor On Demand, Livongo and Validic. As virtual care tools continue to grow in both number and capabilities, there is a need for transparent and consensus-based principles to better guide developers, providers and patients.

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2020-02-13 | EBN

First Choice Prioritizes Accessibility Through Telehealth Benefits

First Choice Health partnered with 98point6—an on-demand primary care service—to provide members access to primary care when they need it quickly, even though it’s not urgent.

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2020-02-20 | GeekWire

GeekWire Awards: Vote for the Startup That Best Elevates Its Product with UX Design of the Year

In a new category at the 2020 GeekWire Awards, five startups are competing for UX Design of the Year. These companies include 98point6, Karat, Skilljar, Spruce Up and Tagboard.

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2020-02-21 | HealthTech

5 Ways Healthcare Tech Is Helping Tackle Coronavirus

Tools that already enable clinicians to streamline and expedite care delivery in a range of settings are helping some doctors more quickly diagnose (or rule out) coronavirus cases, provide virtual care and prevent the virus’s spread among populations.

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2020-01-21 | Empowered Patient Podcast

Podcast: On-Demand Patient Care with Dr. Brad Younggren

Brad Younggren MD, Chief Medical Officer, 98point6 talks about what happens when a company fundamentally changes the way patients interact with doctors by providing 24/7 on-line access to medical professionals aided by the camera and attachments on mobile devices to further inform the diagnosis and treatment plan. With enthusiastic support from traditional primary care doctors, this new model of on-demand care is showing effectiveness for addressing emergency as well as chronic conditions.

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2020-02-14 | Forbes

How Technology, Medicine and At-Home Devices Can Improve Healthcare Access and Cost

Healthcare is changing. After years of stagnation and inadequate innovations, the call for care that is higher quality and more accessible and that costs less is beginning to be answered. We're starting to see incremental progress toward meaningful healthcare technology and reimagined delivery models.

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2020-02-11 | GeekWire

The GeekWire Awards Are March 26: Cast Your Vote, Last Chance for Early Bird Tix

Cast your vote across 13 categories including Startup of the Year, Health Innovation of the Year and UX Design of the Year.

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2020-02-10 | Inc.

How the Next Generation of Mobile Computing Is Already Changing the Face of Health Care

If 5G goes national quickly, it could be big news for startups like Seattle-based 98point6, whose app connects patients with doctors via text chat or video. "We've all had that experience where a mobile app fails us in a critical moment," says chief technology officer Damon Lanphear. "And then you say, 'Well, I'm not going to rely on this thing again.' 5G has the potential to enhance that trust and let users feel like they can use our product when they need it, wherever they are."

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2020-02-05 | Seattle Business Magazine

10 Seattle Executives to Watch in 2020

Robbie Cape says he wants his fast-growing Seattle startup, 98point6, to become the Amazon of health care.

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2020-02-05 | Becker's Hospital Review

Chatbots Equipped with Coronavirus Screening Have Only Detected the Flu so Far

98point6, has reportedly referred two potential cases to the CDC, neither patient underwent further testing or isolation. In fact, the apps' new features have predominantly detected cases of the flu, indicating the difficulties of training AI to differentiate between the two viruses, which display similar symptoms in mild cases.

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2020-02-05 | Stat

Chatbots Are Screening for the New Coronavirus—and Turning Up Cases of the Flu

As the new coronavirus spreads, health tech startups with medical chatbots are scrambling to update their algorithms to screen feverish and coughing Americans and advise whether they should be evaluated for infection with the virus.

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2020-01-21 | Empowered Patient Podcast

On Demand Patient Care with Dr. Brad Younggren 98point6

Brad Younggren MD, Chief Medical Officer, 98point6 talks about what happens when a company fundamentally changes the way patients interact with doctors by providing 24/7 on-line access to medical professionals aided by the camera and attachments on mobile devices to further inform the diagnosis and treatment plan. With enthusiastic support from traditional primary care doctors, this new model of on-demand care is showing effectiveness for addressing emergency as well as chronic conditions.

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2020-01-08 | Dark Daily

Smartphone Apps Enable Healthcare Consumers to Receive Primary Care Without Traditional Office Visits, but How Will They Provide Needed Medical Laboratory Samples?

One solution to declining populations of primary care physicians is a smartphone app created by Seattle-based 98point6. The service involves “providing virtual text-based primary care across the entire country, 24/7 of everyday,” explained Brad Younggren, MD, an emergency physician and Chief Medical Officer at 98point6.

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2019-12-12 | Puget Sound Business Journal

Health Care Leadership Honorees Recount Their Rise in the Industry

Robbie Cape, CEO of 98point6, had to face failure at Microsoft before he took the leap to launch his entrepreneurial career. He said that if he had succeeded on that project, "it would have been much harder to leave Microsoft."

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2019-12-12 | State of Reform

Sutter Health | Aetna Announces New Offering with 98point6 to Make Primary Care More Accessible

Sutter Health | Aetna’s custom 98point6 platform will allow members to text, talk, or video chat with board-certified doctors 27/7. Doctors can then write prescriptions, suggest in-network referrals for other services or specialists, or order labs.

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2019-12-11 | Seattle Business Magazine

Health Care Administrator First Choice Health Partners with Seattle Telehealth Firm 98point6

The deal makes 98point6’s telehealth platform available to self-funded employers utilizing First Choice’s health network, allowing covered employees to access on-demand primary care services ― such as consultation, diagnosis and treatment ― via their phones.

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2019-12-11 | Puget Sound Business Journal

First Choice Health, 98point6 Partner to Increase Access to Virtual Primary Care

Virtual primary care provider 98point6 is partnering with Seattle-based First Choice Health to increase access to primary care options.

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2019-12-03 | Puget Sound Business Journal

Robbie Cape Wants Everyone to Have Access to Affordable Primary Care

"From an early age I was passionate about health and technology. Primary care is the frontline of health care. Through routine check-ups and continuous care, many potentially serious problems can be diagnosed and prevented early," says 98point6 CEO, Robbie Cape.

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2019-12-03 | Inc.

How the Next Generation of Mobile Computing Is Already Changing the Face of Health Care

At Barcelona's San Raffaele hospital, researchers are developing 5G-equipped ambulances that will allow remote specialists to view a patient in real time and deliver instructions as efficiently as if they were in the vehicle.

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2019-12-03 | Idea Motive

Who’s Who in Seattle: 15 Emerald City Startups to Put on Your Radar

The first Seattle startup we selected is driven by a vision to make primary care accessible and affordable to more people, even those without health insurance.

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2019-11-24 | AP News

Paging Dr. Robot: Artificial intelligence Moves into Care

Artificial intelligence is spreading into health care, often as software or a computer program capable of learning from large amounts of data and making predictions to guide care or help patients.

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2019-11-22 | Puget Sound Business Journal

Startups Need Doctors, Specialists to Fuel Innovation

Health care specialists should get involved in startups to fuel innovations, but they should start small, said Dr. Bradley Younggren, chief medical officer for health care startup 98point6.

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2019-11-06 | Healthcare Dive

Retail Makes its Case, Telehealth and Voice Tech Dominate: 6 Takeaways from HLTH19

At the end of the day, patients are consumers, and consumers have been trained over the last 10 years to decide what quality they want, to decide when they want it and how they want to get it," Robbie Cape, CEO of primary care startup 98point6, said. "Healthcare hasn't caught up to that."

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2019-10-08 | US News

Doctors Turn to Thumbs for Diagnosis and Treatment by Text

Virtual care providers say they can now connect patients with a doctor in less than a minute for help with illnesses and injuries normally handled by an office visit. These companies are growing thanks to a push to improve care access, keep patients healthy and limit expensive emergency room visits. Walmart's Sam's Club, for instance, recently announced that it would offer 98point6 visits as part of a customer care program it is testing.

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2019-10-09 | Axios

More Doctors Treating Patients by Text Message

For millions of Americans, chats have a chance to limit expensive emergency room visits, improve care access and encourage more patients to keep tabs on their health. Walmart’s Sam’s Club, for instance, announced in September that 98point6 visits are included in a care program it's testing.

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2019-10-02 | CB Insights

Digital Health 150: The Digital Health Startups Redefining The Healthcare Industry

The most promising 150 private digital health startups working to transform the healthcare industry with new models of primary care to emerging tech solutions for providers.

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2019-09-27 | Health Exec

Sam’s Club Introduces New Healthcare Initiative for Members with Humana

In partnership with Humana, the company announced the Sam’s Club Care Accelerator Together with Humana, offering transparent prices on bundled healthcare services, such as coverage for generic medications at Sam’s Club, primary care visits, eye exams, preventative screenings and discounts on other medications and prepaid health debit cards.

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2019-09-27 | Progressive Grocer

Sam’s Club Rolls Out Health Care Pilot in 3 States

Sam’s Club is leveraging its scale and relationships with such health care companies as Humana and 98point6 to offer members a new pilot program, Sam’s Club Care Accelerator Together with Humana.

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2019-09-27 | GeekWire

98point6 Brings AI-Fueled Telemedicine to Sam’s Club Members

Sam’s Club members in three states will soon be able to see a physician right from their phones at any hour of the day for just $1 per session.

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2019-09-26 | Fierce Healthcare

Sam's Club, Humana Team Up to Mitigate High Out-of-Pocket Healthcare Costs

Sam’s Club is teaming up with Humana and telehealth startup 98point6 to pilot a program aimed at helping its members mitigate some out-of-pocket healthcare costs.

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2019-09-26 | Becker's Hospital Review

Sam's Club Launches Healthcare Pilot Program for Members: 5 Things to Know

Walmart's Sam's Club is teaming up with healthcare companies to offer members bundles of healthcare services ranging from $50 to $240 per year.

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2019-09-26 | Healthcare Dive

Walmart's Sam's Club Teams with Humana in Worker Discount Program

Healthcare costs are placing a growing strain on families and insurers and employers are scrambling to find a way to lower costs. Seattle-based 98point6 is one of a crop of fledgling companies looking to leverage tech to disrupt how care is provided in the U.S.

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2019-09-23 | COIQ with Dr. Roxie

Physician Co-Creation, Multi-Sided Markets & Planning Early for Commercialization w/Robbie Cape and Brad Younggren

Many health innovators focus so much on building their technology solution that they forget to create the important building blocks of a business. How do you build muscle into the DNA of your business? On this episode, we’re joined by the CEO and Chief Medical Officer of 98point6, Robbie Cape and Brad Younggren, who share their commercialization journey and lessons learned.

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2019-09-13 | MobiHealthNews

In-Depth: Telehealth Providers Working with Colleges to Supplement Students' Behavioral Health, Physical Care

By deploying their products alongside campus health services, telehealth companies are seeing engagement rates outperforming those of the general population.

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2019-09-26 | The Seattle Times

Seattle Startup 98point6 Puts Medical AI to Work with Sam’s Club

Walmart’s Sam’s Club announced a pilot program Thursday in partnership with Seattle-based telehealth startup 98point6 and health-care company Humana to offer affordable health-care services to its members.

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2019-09-27 | AP News

Walmart’s Sam’s Club Launches Health Care Pilot to Members

Walmart’s Sam’s Club is teaming up with several health care companies to offer discounts on routine care that customers might delay or skip because of the cost. Starting next month, Sam’s Club members in Michigan, Pennsylvania and North Carolina will be able to buy bundles of health care services that include discounted dental care, free prescriptions for certain generic medications, and telehealth consultations.

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2019-08-23 | GeekWire

Riding a Telemedicine Wave, Docs Trade White Coats for the Tech Life, Testing the Limits of Health Care

Grabinski is among a growing cohort of physicians who have traded clinic jobs for the tech life. But since leaving his job at the Polyclinic in Seattle, his day-to-day hasn’t changed as much as you might think. Grabinski still sees — or, more accurately, messages — roughly the same number of patients in a day, but he’s also involved in building an app that is trying to radically change how patients seek care.

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2019-08-21 | Diverse: Issues in Higher Education

Can Telemedicine Help Students Stay Healthy?

Today’s college students are the least likely generation to go to a primary care doctor. Only 55 percent of Generation Z have a primary care physician, compared to two thirds of millennials and 76 percent of Generation X, according to a 2019 Digital Health Consumer Survey. 98point6 partnered with Ohio Wesleyan University to provide students with free telemedicine services

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2019-08-21 | Comparably

6 Hot Companies Hiring in the Seattle Area That Recently Raised $50M+ in Funding

98point6 is pioneering a new approach to primary care. By pairing deep technology with board-certified physicians, its vision is to make primary care more accessible and affordable—leading to better health and reducing the cost of care.

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2019-07-26 | Oliver Wyman Health

The World Isn't Waiting for Us

98point6 is the definition of fast, flexible and responsive. Founded in 2015, they reached all 50 states by December 2018, and are rapidly reaching current non-consumers, including the over 40 percent of Millennials without a primary care relationship. A great strategy and business model are only part of a winning equation. Execution requires exceptional leadership. 98point6’s Chief Product Officer, Robbie Schwietzer, was responsible for scaling Amazon Prime from thousands of users to millions. It’s fair to say he has the track record to succeed.

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2019-06-16 | Outcomes Rocket

Solving the Primary Care Shortage Challenge

On today's podcast, Dr. Brad Younggren, an executive at 98point6 sits down to talk about what 98point6 is doing to improve quality health outcomes.

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2019-06-15 | Outcomes Rocket

America’s Healthcare Crisis: Shortage of Primary Care Providers

One of the most crucial issues the U.S. health care space is facing is doctor shortage, and it will continue to worsen over time. One of the companies making a significant contribution to the physician shortage challenge is 98point6.

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2019-06-19 | Forbes

How To Save Primary Care From Regressive Technology 'Innovation'

Every day, doctors rise to new health care challenges and uncover life-saving advancements in surgery, treatments and medicine. A primary driver behind many of these advances is technology. I believe in placing primary care in the hands of the patient, and I'm working to do that every day. Technology can also improve health care by enabling transparency.

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2019-06-07 | GeekWire

GeekWire 200 Update: Digital Health Startups Rise in the Pacific NW, Fueled by Enterprise Tech and AI Talent

As enthusiasm has grown for digital health startups, so has the size of the funding rounds to support them. Skyrocketing healthcare costs are one of the biggest drivers behind the growth of digital health, said PitchBook emerging tech analyst Alex Frederick. “It’s really important to control, if not reverse those escalating costs of care,” he said.

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2019-04-16 | GeekWire

98point6 Inks Deal with Health Plan Banner|Aetna, Expanding Reach of Virtual Primary Care Service

“This is our first deal with a health plan. It’s also our largest contract to date,” CEO Robbie Cape said in an email. The company, which currently counts more than 100,000 members across 60 employers, could add an additional 300,000 members over three years as a result of the deal. The virtual primary care platform will be rolled out to the plan members in stages starting in July.

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2019-04-16 | MobiHealthNews

98point6 Supports Banner|Aetna's Members, Clinc's Voice Transcription Integrates with Medical Memory's Patient App and More Digital Health Deals

“With 98point6, we are pioneering a new approach to primary care that will further differentiate Banner|Aetna in the market,” Tom Grote, CEO of Banner|Aetna, said in a statement. “We are committed to delivering convenience and affordability to our members, and our new virtual primary care offering accomplishes both. Our members will now be able to connect with board-certified physicians on their mobile device when and where they need it, increasing access to quality primary care.”

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2019-04-16 | MedCity News

Virtual Primary Care Startup 98point6 Collaborates with Health Plan Banner|Aetna

98point6, a startup providing an on-demand, text-based primary care service, has teamed up with Banner|Aetna, the Arizona health plan owned by Banner Health and insurer Aetna, according to a news release. As part of their collaboration, Banner|Aetna members will have unlimited, 24/7 access to 98point6’s solution.

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2019-04-16 | GeekWire

Vote For Your Favorite Health Innovation of the Year, a New Category at the GeekWire Awards

Proteins, algorithms and apps — oh my! Health innovators across the Pacific Northwest continue to embrace technologies that go well beyond traditional drugs. The finalists for the Health Innovation of the Year category at the GeekWire Awards have developed breakthroughs that promise to improve lives and our healthcare system.

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2019-04-16 | AZ Big Media

Banner|Aetna Utilizes AI in New Virtual Care Option

“Banner|Aetna and 98point6 share a passion for making health care more accessible by providing efficient and effective patient care at the most affordable price,” said Robbie Cape, CEO and Co-founder of 98point6. “We are proud to bring our on-demand service to potentially more than 300,000 Banner|Aetna members.”

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2019-04-16 | Phoenix Business Journal

Your Doctor is a Text Away: Banner Aetna Insurer Brings AI to Arizona Enrollees

15 AI-focused tech companies were contacted to provide the AI service before a Seattle firm got the contract. Banner|Aetna's members will be able to interact with an AI bot to gather all their health information before connecting with a physician by text message on their mobile devices.

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2019-04-03 | Seattle Business Magazine

98point6 Inc.'s Hot Health Care App Is Attracting Investors

INSTANT MESSAGING. 98point6 Inc.’s Robbie Cape has ambitious plans to reform the way health care is delivered. “Our goal for this business is pretty simple, and it will probably surprise you a little bit,” says Cape, a former general manager at Microsoft who founded 98point6 four years ago. “We want every human on this earth to have access to basic medical care without making a trade-off to get it.”

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2019-03-25 | Reconstructing Healthcare

Podcast: Robbie Cape, 98point6

In this episode, Michael introduces you to Robbie Cape, CEO, and Co-Founder of 98point6. Join us as we discuss how 98point6 is seeking to tackle the primary care crisis by removing barriers and offering a people friendly and cost-effective platform to increase access to primary care.

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2019-03-13 | GeekWire

Inside Amazon’s ‘Haven’ Healthcare Joint Venture with Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase

On this new episode of GeekWire’s Health Tech podcast, we catch up with two Seattle-area health tech entrepreneurs, 98point6 CEO Robbie Cape and Wellpepper CEO Anne Weiler, to get their take on the joint venture’s ambitions.

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2019-03-20 | Julie Ann Sullivan Blog

98point6 – Reimagining Medicine and Its Workforce with Brad Younggren

Our guest today is Brad Younggren, the Chief Medical Officer of 98point6, a company who delivers on-demand, text-based primary care. From the battlefield to innovative approaches to primary care, Brad brings decades of experience to this organization. Their unique practices include bringing all their physicians into the corporate headquarters on a regular basis. This allows discussions with the marketing team and the core developers so that everyone has a deep understanding of the company’s core values and how to live them

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2019-03-20 | Princeton Alumni Weekly

Robbie Cape ’93 Looks To Technology as a Link for Patients and Physicians

Entrepreneurship requires time, patience, and often, humility. That is the philosophy of Robbie Cape ’93, the CEO and co-founder of 98point6, a Seattle-based startup focused on finding solutions in primary healthcare.

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2019-03-07 | Forbes

What This Former Microsoft Employee Is Doing With $86 Million To Change Lives

Despite having a nice comfortable job at Microsoft during some of its best years, this entrepreneur struck out on his own. He is now on his second startup, which has already raised $86 million. On this exclusive interview for the DealMakers Podcast, Robbie Cape shares his take on why you should make the leap too, learn to fail fast, how to choose a cofounder and spouse, and the lowdown on navigating startup fundraising.

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2019-01-31 | Built In Seattle

Set up for Success: Seattle Tech’s 6 Most Exciting Leadership Hires in January

Seattle’s vibrant tech industry started the new year with a bang, with a wide range of startups and larger companies announcing exciting new leadership hires. Here, we’ve selected six companies eyeing major expansion plans in 2019. 98point6's Leila Kirske makes the list.

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2019-02-13 | Empowered Patient Podcast

Primary Care On Demand with Brad Younggren, MD, 98point6

Welcome to the Empowered Patient Podcast with Karen Jagoda. This show is a window into the latest innovations in digital health and the changing dynamic between doctors and patients. Brad Younggren MD, Chief Medical Officer, 98point6 was trained as an emergency medicine doctor and has brought his expertise to the online world of on-demand primary care. Brad talks about the value of giving patients access to accurate resources at any time of the day to diagnose symptoms, recommend treatment, escalate to other medical professionals, and help manage chronic conditions.

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2019-02-14 | Built In Seattle

100 Best Places to Work Seattle 2019

98point6 makes the list of best places to work in Seattle. Employees say, "At 98point6 I get to work on problems that have never been solved before, with teammates who are as passionate as I am. Everyday I leave work both challenged and inspired."

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2019-01-09 | GeekWire

The Doctor Will See You Now… On Your Phone

What role will artificial intelligence play in healthcare? How can smartphones make healthcare more accessible? And what’s the future of tech giants such as Amazon and Google in the world of health? We tackle this and more in Season 3 of GeekWire’s Health Podcast. We were joined by Robbie Cape, CEO and co-founder of startup 98point6, among others.

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2019-02-21 | Elite Daily

Here's What to Ask at Your Yearly Physical If You Always Forget What You Want to Say, According to Experts

About a week ago, I got an email reminding me that I'm due for my yearly physical. At first, I felt an enormous sense of dread. After all, who enjoys booking medical appointments and spending an hour (or more) in a doctor's office? But the more I thought about it, the more I began to think of a few nagging questions that I actually would like to ask my doctor. This article breaks down a few key questions to ask at your annual physical.

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2019-01-31 | Forbes

Four Natural Language Processing Techniques to Increase Your Understanding

Technology changes and grows so fast that a lot of it happens without us even noticing. Natural language processing is a great example of one of these trends -- something that is happening around us all the time that we don't even realize. 98point6 is a Seattle-based startup that is looking to completely shake up the way we do health care. This bold tech team is using natural language processing to allow patients to consult with doctors digitally.

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2018-05-01 | Puget Sound Business Journal

Seattle Startup Begins Nationwide Rollout

About seven months after Seattle startup 98point6 finally announced what it was up to, it is launching its digital primary care service nationally. “Ultimately, we are setting out to solve the major primary care crisis in the United States,” founder and CEO Robbie Cape said. “What we’ve done is married the highest quality medicine with deep technology investments in order to deliver the highest quality, most accessible primary care.”

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2018-05-01 | The Seattle Times

The Doctor Will Text You Now: 98point6 Taking Virtual Primary Care Nationwide

Getting a prescription for antibiotics or cold medicine could be just a few text messages away, if Seattle startup 98point6 has anything to say about it. The company announced Tuesday it is expanding its virtual primary care service to adults nationwide this year, after testing in Washington state for the past year.

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2018-05-01 | GeekWire

The Chatbot Will See You Now: 98point6 Aims to Solve ‘Primary Care Crisis’ with AI (and Real Doctors)

Imagine you have a minor health problem—say, an earache. Then imagine you open an app, message a doctor and have a prescription to treat it delivered to your local pharmacy in minutes. Sound like a fantasy?

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2018-05-01 | Inc.

This Startup Just Got Approval to Diagnose Your Sniffles via Text Chat

In mid-April I decided to do something I hadn’t done in years: see a doctor. My cough had gotten so bad that I couldn’t avoid it any longer. After work, I walked into my local urgent care center for the first time and filled out some paperwork.

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2018-05-02 | GeekWire

Study Finds AI Algorithm Can Diagnose Blindness-Causing Disease More Accurately Than Doctors

Artificial intelligence is only getting more powerful. Today, we’re able to build computer programs that can master complex strategy games and even hold natural-feeling conversations.

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2018-05-04 | HIT Consultant

98point6 Launches AI Driven, On-Demand Primary Care Service in 10 States

After three years of R&D and a year of beta, 98point6 has announced the launch of its on-demand primary care service to deliver personalized consultation, diagnosis and treatment to patients across the country. The on-demand primary care platform combines innovative AI technology with board-certified physicians to deliver affordable and high-quality care right to a patient’s smartphone.

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2018-05-08 | NJBIZ

App Assists NJ Doctors, Patients

Seattle-based health care technology company 98point6 has introduced a mobile app, based on a machine-learning program, to 11 states including New Jersey.

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2018-05-11 | CNBC

Virtual Doctor [Video]

98point6 CEO Robbie Cape sits down with “On the Money” to discuss on-demand primary care, and how 98point6 is delivering high-quality care at an affordable cost.

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2018-05-13 | CNBC

Telehealth Could Replace Doctor Visits in Major Cities, Amid a Primary Care Physician Shortage

If you need to see a doctor, you’d better plan ahead. A 2017 survey found 24 days was the average wait time in 15 of the largest cities to schedule a physician appointment.The long waits are a result of a growing shortage of primary care physicians, along with an aging population requiring more health care.

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2018-05-14 | Becker's Hospital Review

In-Person Appointments Cost $100 More Than Virtual Ones—Here’s How Telehealth Can Save Patients Time and Money

In 15 of the largest U.S. cities, patients waited an average of 24 days to schedule an appointment with their physician—a wait they could skip if they opted for virtual visits and telehealth, according to CNBC.

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2018-07-11 | Built In Seattle

Built In Seattle's 50 Startups to Watch in 2018

It’s been a big year in Seattle tech so far, with a fresh crop of startups leveraging artificial intelligence, big data, breakthrough security strategies and more to transform industries of all stripes. Seattle has always been a hub for medicine, and healthcare startups are well represented here.

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2018-08-12 | GeekWire

How Amazon’s Internal Healthcare Clinics Could Save Money and Make Its Employees Healthier

Amazon's latest endeavor is a plan for in-house healthcare clinics, which will reportedly be piloted at its headquarters in Seattle. Other primary care solutions are going even further: Seattle startup 98point6 gives users unlimited access to primary care doctors through its entirely tech-based “virtual clinic.”

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2018-08-14 | Built In Seattle

Women at 5 Seattle Companies Share Advice for Navigating the Tech Scene

If you’re a woman working in the tech industry, odds are you’re outnumbered by men at your company—in some cases, by a pretty substantial ratio. And simply hiring more women doesn’t exactly mean gender inequality has been solved. In this article, women share the lessons they’ve learned in their own career journeys and to fill us in on what their companies are doing to eliminate the gender gap.

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2018-08-28 | HealthLeaders Media

4 Ways Telemedicine Is Changing Healthcare

The industry of telemedicine is at a tipping point, expanding far beyond interactions between physicians and patients into entirely new ways to deliver healthcare and practice medicine. In recognition of this phenomenon, Phoenix-based Banner Health, a trendsetter with a robust history employing this technology, will scrap the term telemedicine in the future and employ the expression virtual health.

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2018-10-04 | GeekWire

2018 GeekWire Summit Recap: The Future of Innovation

The 2018 GeekWire Summit was our biggest event yet, an action-packed national tech conference that explored what’s next in the innovation economy and brought together more than 800 business, tech, media and government leaders. 98point6 CEO, Robbie Cape, spoke on a panel discussing the future of primary care.

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2018-10-30 | MobiHealthNews

98point6 Collects Another $50M for Text-Driven Primary Care Delivery Platform

98point6 announced this morning that it has closed $50 million in Series C funding, bringing the company’s total backing to $86.1 million. Robbie Cape, 98point6’s CEO and cofounder, told MobiHealthNews that the new investment will help his company achieve three main goals: scaling and expanding the platform to meet “overwhelming demand;” introducing “an exciting roadmap of capabilities” to provide each patient a more complete continuity of care; and ensuring that the care provided to patients through the platform is of high quality.

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2018-10-30 | FierceBiotech

Telehealth Firm 98point6 Nets $50M in Round Led by Goldman Sachs

98point6, a digital health company that makes primary care doctors available to patients over cellphone messages, raised $50 million in a new financing round led by Goldman Sachs. Its platform uses artificial intelligence to automate the tasks that don’t require direct physician interaction, such as gathering information on symptoms, before turning the conversation over to a doctor for a diagnosis or to answer health questions. The app also maintains a care plan alongside ordered prescriptions and lab tests.

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2018-10-30 | GeekWire

Healthcare Tech Startup 98point6 Raises $50m, Led by Goldman Sachs, to Expand Its ‘Virtual Clinic’

98point6, a Seattle-based startup developing an entirely virtual primary care service, has raised $50 million in a round led by Goldman Sachs’ Merchant Banking Division. The new funds, announced Tuesday morning, bring the company’s total raised to a whopping $86.3 million in just over three years. “The round itself is a reflection of our execution to date and the momentum that we’ve built,” said longtime Seattle entrepreneur Robbie Cape, 98point6 CEO and co-founder, in an interview with GeekWire. “What it enables is all of the growth that’s coming as a result of that momentum.”

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2018-10-30 | VentureBeat

98point6 Raises $50 million for AI Virtual Doctor Visits

In New York, Boston, Seattle, Houston, San Diego, and 10 other major cities across the U.S., the average wait time to see a cardiologist for a non-emergency issue is six days or longer, while an orthopedic surgeon can take up to 18 days. Moreover, as many as 30 million Americans don’t live within an hour of trauma care. Seattle startup 98point6, which exited beta in May after three years in incubation, aims to fill the coverage gap with digital clinics—with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). Today, the startup announced a $50 million Series C funding round led by Goldman Sachs and undisclosed return backers, bringing the total amount raised to $86.3 million.

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2018-10-30 | The Seattle Times

Seattle Tech Startup 98point6 Raises $50 Million for Virtual Doctor’s Visits

Seattle startup 98point6, whose app lets consumers consult with a primary-care doctor via text messages, has raised $50 million from investors. The service costs $20 for the first year, then increases to $120 annually, and does not require insurance. “It’s one thing to be nimble and be scrappy, and it’s another thing to be delivering the highest quality of health care,” he said. “We need to be delivering the highest quality of health care, and substantial funding enables us to do that.”

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2018-10-30 | Built in Seattle

98point6 Raises $50M Series C to Deliver Text-Based Healthcare Nationwide

Let’s not beat around the bush here: we pay far too much for healthcare in the United States. Who among us hasn’t stayed at home—or even gone into work when they really should have been with their GP—simply because they couldn’t stomach the cost? But what if, for a small yearly fee, you could simply text with a physician, even if you couldn’t make it into a practice or afford insurance? That audacious vision of the future is closer than you might think, as 98point6 today announced a $50 million Series C for a primary care platform that connects a team of laptop-side physicians and an AI assistant with the masses—all through our phones.

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2018-10-30 | HIT Consultant

98point6 Lands $50M to Expand On-Demand Text-Based Primary Care App

98point6, a Seattle-based digital health startup focused on reimagining primary care today announced it has raised $50 million in Series C funding led by Merchant Banking Division of Goldman Sachs and existing investors. Primary care is a necessity for all, serving as the front line for healthcare and disease prevention. To provide patients with primary care anytime and anywhere, 98point6 leverages machine learning and automation, helping doctors optimize and complete tasks that don’t require direct physician interaction.

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2018-10-30 | CIO Bulletin

98point6 Brings in $50 Million in Series C of Funding

98point6 has been one of the game changers in healthcare by providing care through messaging. The company today announced that it has successfully raised $50 million in a new round of funding, led by the Merchant Banking Division of Goldman Sachs. 98point6 also claims that their users experience a 97 percent in-app resolution rate. Commenting on the investment, Goldman Sachs’ Global head of healthcare investing said: “We are excited to partner with 98point6 because they are dedicated to improving the physician and patient experience—empowering board-certified physicians with technology to enhance care delivery and drive patient engagement”.

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2018-10-30 | Puget Sound Business Journal

Goldman Sachs Leads $50 Million Round Backing Seattle Health Care Startup 98point6

Health care startup 98point6 has raised $50 million in Series C funding, bringing the company's total amount raised to more than $86 million. The round was led by Goldman Sachs, which 98point6 has been eyeing as an investor since its founding in 2015. 98point6 will use the funding to continue scaling out its on-demand primary care service and expand its headcount. “You will see us accelerating the speed with which we introduce new capabilities into the 98point6 platform,” Cape said. “Having these sorts of dollars behind us enables us to continue to maintain our focus on quality even as we’re scaling and building new features.”

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2018-11-05 | Becker's Hospital Review

Seattle Telehealth Startup Raises $50M for Primary Care Service: 4 Things to Know

98point6, a primary care telehealth startup based in Seattle, has raised $50 million from investors, The Seattle Times reports. Check out the four key things you need to know about the company.

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2018-11-24 | Modern Healthcare

Bringing Primary Care to Smartphones

Ever since house calls fell out of favor, most medical care has been delivered in hospitals and doctor's offices. But apply smartphones and AI to the situation, and that need not be the case, at least not for primary care. The company 98point6, for one, wants to take primary care virtual, through text conversations.

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2018-11-28 | Devathon

An Interview with Entrepreneur Robbie Cape

Robbie Cape, CEO and Co-founder of 98point6, passionately believes everyone deserves excellent, affordable primary care. He co-founded 98point6 in 2015 to harness the power of technology to improve both access and the quality of care. According to Robbie, "At 98point6, we’ve set the audacious goal to help every single human on this earth have access to quality primary care without the sacrifice of a financial trade-off."

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2018-11-28 | Built in Seattle

Tech Outside the Box: How Culture Feeds Creativity for Seattle Dev Teams

The relationship between company culture and how developers approach technical challenges tends to be cyclical—one informs the other, and vice versa. The four tech companies featured here encourage their developers to think outside the box in a variety of ways, including regular brainstorming sessions, team-building exercises, a healthy dose of autonomy, collaboration across disciplines and—this being Seattle—industrial quantities of coffee.

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2018-12-06 | W2O Group

Creating the Path for Accessible Healthcare: Robbie Cape, CEO & Co-Founder, 98point6 [Podcast]

In this Podcast, Robbie Cape, CEO and Co-founder of 98point6, discusses the future of health and telemedicine. Plus, he dives into the music that drives his kids crazy and his love of knitting.

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2018-12-12 | Forbes

A Technology Prescription for Primary Care's Ailments

Primary care in America is in crisis. Inaccessibility, shrinking resources and rising costs are causing people across numerous socio-economic groups to weigh the cost of a doctor's visit against the value of their health. The majority of us have innovative technology literally at our fingertips, making the lack of change in our primary care system all the more frustrating.

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2019-01-04 | WSB-TV Atlanta

New Healthcare App Connects You with a Doctor Without You Leaving Your Home

Consumer adviser Clark Howard explains 98point6, the new healthcare app that connects you with a doctor without ever having to leave home. The company has one main goal, "to ensure that every human on this earth has access to primary care."

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2019-01-08 | CIO

AI Proves Its Value in Improving Customer Experiences

Some companies have made AI a major focus of what they bring to their markets. For example, 98point6 provides a primary healthcare platform that is using AI to improve the care experience for patients. Damon Lanphear, 98point6 CTO, says. “We believe that we build trust with our patients when our technology respects this intimacy.”

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2019-01-24 | MedCity News

Startup 98point6 Reveals Nationwide Availability of On-Demand Primary Care App

98point6, a Seattle-based startup, has announced its on-demand primary care platform is available in all 50 states and Washington, D.C..

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2019-01-27 | CNBC

Seattle Start-Up Is Building the Amazon Prime of Primary Care with $86 Million in Backing from Larry Fink and Other Big Names

98point6 is an under-the-radar company with an ambitious goal to improve access to primary care in America. "Health care is really hard," Rob Schwietzer, 98point6 Chief Product Officer, told CNBC. "But I do believe that people shouldn't have to make decisions about whether they should go see a doctor when they need one, or go buy groceries for their family."

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2019-01-28 | Becker's Hospital Review

Seattle Startup 98point6 Wants to Be Amazon Prime of Primary Care: 7 Notes

A different kind of telemedicine startup, dubbed 98point6, recently raised $50 million toward its goal of becoming the Amazon Prime of primary care, CNBC reports. "Everyone claims to have a great value proposition," 98point6 CEO, Robbie Cape, told the publication. "But that needs to be combined that an experience that people literally want to talk about. An experience that is so good that you just want to tell people about it."

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