An ongoing relationship in sickness and in health

Introducing primary care like you’ve never seen it before







An unparalleled approach

for unprecedented value

A new kind of primary care that makes it possible to provide consistent, smarter, life-long care that’s always available and on the patient’s terms.

  • Care that is conversational and empathetic
  • Care that leverages the best of board-certified physicians
  • Care that dramatically reduces costs with uncompromising quality


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The healthcare solution

that works for everyone

98point6 provides private, flexible primary care anywhere and everywhere.  Connecting with a trusted, U.S.-based, board-certified physician is as simple as sending a text or doing an online search.

In an empty conference room or at the job site. On break or mid-commute. Traveling for business or home sick in bed. 98point6 is here for you.

Reimagine primary care so you can redefine success

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