Core Values

At the heart of 98point6 lies our core values, beliefs that guide our actions and reflect what’s important to us.

Bias for Action

We operate with a sense of urgency, taking swift and decisive action when required. We are resourceful and adaptable, making things happen even in the face of ambiguity.

Build Trust

We actively build positive working relationships by being transparent and keeping commitments, having the right conversations at the right time for the right reasons. We listen to each other and give and receive thoughtful feedback with open arms.


We build collaboratively and respectfully. We embrace unique and diverse perspectives and regard everyone as an esteemed member of the team. We believe exponentially better outcomes are created when we work together.

Consider the Long-View

We build for the future, prioritizing long-term value over short-term savings or gain.


We are brave, have backbone, and take smart risks. We aren't afraid to tackle the hard problems or to represent an unpopular view when we believe it's the right thing for the business and customer.

Critical and Informed Thinking

We think about problems deeply, and learn quickly in order to resolve the essential issues that we face. We use informed perspectives to guide good judgement and continually gather information to understand what's possible.

Deliver Impactful Results

Our success is defined by the quality, timeliness and value of the results we deliver. We prioritize work that makes a difference, understanding the purpose of our work and how it helps achieve our ultimate mission.


We are creative and inventive, willing to seek the simplest approach to achieve success. We look for great ideas anywhere and everywhere.


Nothing is above or below us and we do whatever it takes to get things done. We are accountable and take responsibility for our work.

Passion for Everyone We Serve

We make the lives of the people we serve better in a tangible way. We consider their needs in the decisions that we make, and prioritize initiatives that positively impact and delight them.

Relentless Improvement

We are tenacious about continual improvement in ourselves, our team, our product and our business. We audit frequently and believe there is always more to develop, learn, apply and share.

Sustainable High Intensity

We value intense and focused effort.

Uncompromising Integrity

We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards. As a company and as individuals, we share the responsibility for earning and building the loyalty and trust of everyone we serve.

Unconstrained Thinking

We tackle audacious problems by proceeding boldly, with open minds.