Virtual care that meets the moment

8x higher utilization

Start a visit instantly and connect with a doctor in minutes using a smartphone app. Speed, simplicity, convenience and less friction means we enjoy higher utilization than other virtual care providers. We also drive more usage for other services you may already have.

Doctors empowered to care

Board-certified physicians focus 100% of their time on patients. Our AI-powered platform streamlines workflows, automates admin tasks, and offers unprecedented tools for improving the quality of care at scale.

Flat fee, unlimited access

It’s not just a different way to pay, but a radical change to the cost-of-care delivery model. Eliminating cost concerns means higher utilization and that’s good for employees’ health—and your bottom line.

Millions of people and lots of great companies use 98point6…and they love it.

“This is amazing”

“Mind blowing convenience”

“Wow, they couldn’t have made it easier”

“…the future of medical care”

“I love this app”

“Literally life changing”

-Apple App Store and Google Play Store reviews

Going way beyond traditional telemedicine

Your employees are ready for text-based care

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Self-service for small businesses

Our self-service portal and hands-on support provides quick onboarding, useful reporting, and employee engagement tools and content. We even can help you launch in 24 hours.

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