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Your Annual Checkup Checklist

Sure, it always rings a bit ironic—sitting in the doctor’s office when you feel perfectly fine—but annual checkups are an important part of staying healthy. Outside the usual exams, screenings and vaccines you need to prevent disease and stay on top of changes in your body, there are a variety of other topics you should…
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The Good, the Bad and the Tired: Why Sleep Quality Counts

You’re turning in early. You’re getting a solid eight hours. You’re even sleeping in to score some extra Zzzzzs on the weekends. So why are you waking up feeling sluggish, moody and less-than-refreshed? Because when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, sleep quality is as important as quantity. Start by asking yourself the following…
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Women checking heart health

Listen to Your Heart: How to Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease

February is here and with it comes a 28 (and sometimes a 29)-day focus on heart health. There’s an important reason why this topic gets an entire month of dedication: heart disease (a catch-all term for all the diseases affecting the heart and blood vessels) is the leading cause of death for both men and…
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Trigger me this, winter: Why asthma flares up when temps drop down

It’s wintertime…and for 24.6 million Americans suffering from asthma, the breathing isn’t easy. If you deal with this chronic condition, you already know that every season brings its own set of unique triggers—and they aren’t all created equal. In other words, what irritates one asthmatic may not affect others. What makes winter particularly challenging is…
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The Winter Health Forecast Says Colds and Flu…So What Can You Do?

It’s that wonderful time of year again when the leaves fall and the temperature drops. Whether you’re enjoying outdoor activities or staying warm by the fireplace, with weather changes there’s likely to be some impact on your health. That’s why we’ve put together this helpful cold and flu guide—so you can stay one step ahead of symptoms…
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Fighting flu season: Get (more) facts

Besides skiing, your favorite puffy jacket and hot cider, winter brings something much less welcome—flu season. To arm you for the remaining weeks of winter and the flu, we’ve pulled together this second series of myths vs. facts to help you ward off the flu. Understanding flu shots Some special cases around flu shots  …
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Your Thyroid: The Common Culprit

Mindy was thrilled when she started losing weight despite a hearty appetite. But now her hair is thinning and her hands feel jittery—something isn’t right. It was easy for Paul to blame his depression, low libido and constant chill on the winter season—until spring came and his symptoms continued. Jeanine hasn’t been the same since…
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Myth vs. fact roundup one: Flu edition

In addition to the holidays, a chance of snow and lots of hot chocolate, winter brings something much less welcome—flu season. To arm you for flu season, we’ve pulled together a series of myths and facts with the best possible information to keep you healthy. Because nobody wants to use their PTO for being sick.…
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Seasonal Affective Disorder: It’s not just the winter blues

It’s that time of year again—the time when temperatures drop and colder weather creeps in. Depending on where you live, you may even be feeling a freezing polar vortex or a snowy atmospheric river. Whatever the case, one thing is for sure: The longer, sunnier days of summer are suddenly shorter and darker. For some…
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Brrring on the cold: What you need to know when the mercury drops

The temperature is dropping and the mountains are filling with snow. Love it or hate it, cold weather is here—and with it, can come some cause for concern. That doesn’t mean stay in and stay warm, it just means be aware of cold-weather risks (like hypothermia, frostbite and Raynaud’s disease), and be informed about prevention and…
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