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How We Treat via Text

How to Succeed with Virtual Care Part 1: How We Treat via Text

Virtual care may sound mysterious and even a little ambiguous, but it’s actually more straightforward than you think. In this new series aimed at addressing patients’ top questions and concerns, our goal is to offer a better understanding of how 98point6 works and fits into your life—empowering you to take charge of your health and…

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98point6 Physician Erin Jones, MD on Why Antibiotics Aren’t Always the Best Medicine

You feel lousy. You’re certain it’s a sinus infection—just like last year. And like last year, you know that antibiotics will clear up the infection and make you feel better. But are antibiotics the answer? Were they even the correct answer back then? THE REALITY “According to the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA), if…

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When Is a Headache Cause for Concern? We Asked 98point6 Physician Jud Heugel, MD

While fairly common, headaches can still be a real pain—especially when they’re long-lasting or recurring. Dr. Heugel answers patients’ most frequently asked questions, including which “red flag” symptoms are worth a consultation with a physician. Q: Why am I getting so many headaches?  Dr. Heugel says: Most headaches are caused by simple lifestyle factors like…

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Wildfire Season: We’re Here for You

If wildfires become a concern for you or someone you care about, 98point6 physicians are available 24/7, on-demand and nationwide with medical guidance and support. 98point6 is not intended for emergencies. WHY FIRES ARE A CONCERN  Thanks to warmer, drier climate conditions across the globe, “wildfire season,” which traditionally peaks in August and September, is…

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98point6 physician Leslie Hsiung, MD shares the top things that scare patients—and why you shouldn’t get spooked

MAMMOGRAM Defined: A breast cancer screening recommended for women after a certain age and/or depending on family history. Since guidelines differ, talk to your doctor about what’s best for you. Why it seems scary: For a “non-invasive” test, it’s pretty…personal. And the thought of compressing breast tissue between two plates sounds more than a little…

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Fall Medicine Cabinet Must-Haves, According to 98point6 Physician Helen Gray, MD

The days are getting shorter, the air is a little cooler and there are as many ads for flu shots as there are for pumpkin spice lattes. As we head into a new season of health conditions and concerns, use this checklist to ensure your medicine cabinet is ready to keep up—and see how 98point6…

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What Doctors Want You to Know About Supplements

Your workout buddy’s taking turmeric for joint pain. Your co-worker says start taking folic acid ASAP if you’re thinking about having a baby. Your friend swears those collagen powders are working wonders for her complexion. It all sounds so proactively healthy!  But before you start stocking up on supplements, how much do you really know…

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OPERATION HYDRATION: What you need to know about drinking up this summer

We’re all aware that drinking plenty of water is essential, especially in the summer. But how much exactly? When is too much a problem? And how clean is that reusable water bottle…if you haven’t washed it with actual soap and water in days? We asked 98point6’s own Jennifer Rossi, MD, who regularly volunteers as medical…

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How to: Spring Clean Your Medicine Cabinet

No one wants to be elbow-deep in ratty gauze, squeezed out ointment containers and expired meds when it’s a beautiful 70 degrees outside. But when your kids fall off their bike or you get stung by a bee, you’ll be glad you did! Use this spring cleaning checklist to get your medicine cabinet back in…

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Seasonal Allergies Healthch@t

Avoiding seasonal triggers isn’t as easy as say, staying away from cashews if you have a nut allergy (you can’t exactly stop Mother Nature from “decorating” your car with pollen). But you can take steps to manage your symptoms in order to make the most of your time outdoors. We asked 98point6 physician Jennifer Rossi,…

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