Automated ordering, authorizing and resulting workflows for quick and efficient testing at scale while satisfying nationwide regulatory requirements.


Prescriptive authority from board-certified physicians who also develop clinical protocols, and conduct timely patient follow-up for critical values.

Who we serve

Commercial Labs

Our services integrate with existing systems and processes for continuity and consistency at scale. Customized workflows are jointly defined to cover individuals and populations. All test orders and results are retained and auditable.

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Integrative Health Providers

Customize protocols and communications to align with your programs. Our physicians also can serve as extension of your care team by discussing test results with and answering questions from the patient.

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Key features

  • Prescriptive authority and physician oversight in all 50 states
  • Custom workflows and screening criteria tailored to client requirements
  • Support for individual and bulk orders
  • Speed, efficiency and scale for high volume processing
  • Direct patient outreach when critical values are present
  • Compliant with all Department of Health reporting requirements
  • Auditable closed loop data flow for compliance
  • Optional physician follow-up to review results and recommend care plan

How it works


Our board-certified physicians develop protocols and screening criteria.


We receive testing requests, evaluate eligibility, then send order to any lab.


Patient visits testing site or completes at-home test kit.


We review results for critical values, report to DoH as needed/required.


98point6 follows up with patient if critical values are present.


Optionally, 98point6 physicians engage with a patient to interpret results and provide guidance. Follow up primary care is available 24/7 through our virtual clinic.

A commitment to quality care through innovation

98point6 is reimagining the entire primary care experience. AI-powered technology along with the medical expertise of board-certified physicians is making primary care more convenient, scalable and effective. Robust diagnostic testing support demonstrates our commitment to continuous innovation and a better care experience.

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