On-demand, text-based primary care

For subscribers and their dependents ages 1 and older enrolled on an eligible Premera Blue Cross medical plan

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Whether you’re feeling unwell or have a health-related question, simply sign in and start a visit whenever you’re ready. No appointment needed.


Connect with a primary care physician right from your phone. Get treatment for a cough while commuting to work or get care for your child’s stomach pain while at a weekend barbecue.


With service available in all 50 states plus D.C., you and your family can access care anywhere you are—at home or while traveling.


Virus in the middle of the night or itchy rash over the weekend? Get immediate care around the clock—even after hours and on holidays.

Get treatment for

on your schedule

Not feeling well? Just have a question? We've got you.

Get treatment for on your schedule.

Not feeling well? Just have a question? We've got you.

On-demand primary care is here...and you're just three steps away from getting started.

Activating your account takes 90 seconds or less. All you need is your phone to download the app and create a profile, then you’ll be ready for a visit.

Step 1: Download Premera MyCare app

Install the App

Download Premera MyCare from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Step 2: Create your MyCare account

Create your account

No password to remember. Enter your mobile number and we’ll send you a unique pin.

Step 3: Start your text-based visit

Start your visit

Get text‐based diagnosis and treatment and a personalized Care Plan, with any necessary labs ordered and prescriptions sent to your local pharmacy.

Meet some of the 98point6 doctors

The service is staffed by carefully selected, board-certified physicians. The doctors are passionate about making healthcare more accessible and affordable for all patients.

Alicia Sanchez, MD

Family Medicine

Roxanna Cham, MD

Family Medicine

David Dickey, MD

Internal Medicine

Michael Grabinski, MD, MPH

Family Medicine

Erin Jones, MD

Family Medicine

Crystal Broussard, MD

Family Medicine

Andrew Le, MD

Family Medicine

Martin Maimon, MD

Internal Medicine


Using Premera MyCare

What is Premera MyCare?

Premera MyCare specializes in providing members a timely and personalized virtual care experience. It gives access to 24/7, on-demand, text-based primary care provided by 98point6. For my information about Premera MyCare, visit http://premera.com/visitor/mycare.

What is 98point6? What can I use it for?

98point6 is a new kind of on-demand primary care delivered through the Premera MyCare app, a highly secure in-app messaging experience on your mobile device. With 98point6, U.S-based, board-certified physicians answer questions, diagnose, and treat acute and chronic illnesses, outline care options and order any necessary prescriptions or lab tests. We can also help you better understand any primary care conditions.

Who can use 98point6? How much does it cost?

Subscribers and dependents ages 1 and older enrolled on an eligible Premera medical plan. Sign in to your Premera Blue Cross account to view your plan coverage and cost shares for virtual care services. For my information about Premera MyCare, visit http://premera.com/visitor/mycare.

How does it work?

Simply download the Premera MyCare app from the Apple App Store or Google Play, sign in using a mobile phone number and create a profile. You’ll need to provide information to verify eligibility and your identity (if you are unable to provide the last 4 digits of your social security number, please provide the plan subscriber’s birthday in MMDD format). Once registered, click “Start your visit” and begin a text-based visit, where an Automated Assistant will gather information on your symptoms and ask clarifying questions (audio, video, and photo support, as needed). The information gathered is delivered to one of 98point6’s board-certified physicians, who will then join the visit and continue the text-based conversation with the patient. From there, the patient will be provided with a diagnosis and treatment plan which could include answers to patient questions/concerns, prescriptions sent directly to their pharmacy, ordering of labs, and a referral or recommended self-care. At the end of every visit, a personalized Care Plan is created and securely stored within the app—easily accessible and available for the patient at any time. If labs are ordered, a 98point6 physician will follow up with the patient once the results are back.

Where is 98point6 available?

98point6 is available nationwide. 98point6 is available in all 50 states across the U.S. & Washington D.C. Patients must be 19 years or older to seek care in Nebraska.

Can I send my visit records to my primary care provider or other physician?

If you would like your medical record sent to another provider, please download our medical record request form and send the completed form, along with a copy of your state-issued ID to support@98point6.com.

How does 98point6 handle prescriptions and lab tests?

98point6 physicians can and do prescribe medications when they are appropriate. If a prescription is a part of your treatment plan, we’ll send it electronically to your preferred pharmacy. 98point6 does not prescribe controlled substances (such as opioids) or lifestyle medications (such as Viagra and Propecia).

If the 98point6 physician determines that lab work is necessary, they will order a lab test. Once ordered, simply visit a nearby LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics location and when your results are ready, a 98point6 physician will reach out to walk you through your results.

What do I do if I have trouble logging on or getting access to 98point6?

Please reach out to our customer support team through our Contact Us form. A support representative will be in touch to help resolve your issue.

Who can request care for children?

Care for children ages 1-17 years old must be requested by a parent or legal guardian eligible for 98point6. In order to receive care, the child must also be eligible for 98point6 through the parent or guardian’s plan.

How do I request care for my child?

Next, the automated assistant will gather information about the child’s symptoms, then will deliver the information to one of 98point6’s board-certified physicians. The physician will have a text-based conversation with you about your child’s symptoms, using audio, video or photos as needed. For younger children (i.e., under age 5), the physician will likely request a brief video encounter.

Does 98point6 support languages other than English?

Yes, 98point6 offers support for other languages during a visit. Physicians are supported by interpreters in over 350 languages who connect with the patient via audio within the app to assist with your medical evaluation. Other parts of the 98point6 experience, including the Automated Assistant and your Care Plan, are currently only available in English.

98point6 is an independent company that provides virtual medical care services on behalf of Premera Blue Cross.

Premera Blue Cross is an Independent Licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association.