Meeting you where you are—so you can lead a fuller, healthier life.

98point6 physicians are committed to delivering empathetic care conveniently and on your schedule, so you can address concerns as soon and as often as you need.

Caring for each other to better care for you.

It’s no surprise that a doctor’s own job satisfaction and personal well-being are directly related to the care you receive. That’s why 98point6 has an entire team devoted to monitoring and continuously improving what it’s like to be a physician here.


Michael Grabinski, MD, MPH

“I believe technology can make it easier to address medical concerns early and often—which leads to better outcomes. Delivering efficient and meaningful interactions between doctors and patients is part of our commitment to providing the highest quality care.”

Doctors doing what they love—and part of something bigger.

In addition to treating patients, 98point6 physicians work closely with product developers, engineers and each other to drive meaningful change in the world of primary care.

Happy doctors, happy patients.

95%of 98point6 doctors leave shifts feeling satisfied

95%of 98point6 doctors consider their shifts to be sustainable

More engaged physicians1 are associated with:

  • Faster recovery among patients
  • Fewer visits, tests and referrals
  • Reduced stress for patients



We are all on the same team: yours.

Your relationship with primary care is at the center of your health journey. 98point6 doctors are here to help you deepen that connection, from making it easy to address immediate concerns to partnering with you and your in-person physician on long-term goals.

Learn more about What We Treat

If 98point6 behavioral health is part of your covered member benefit, our licensed therapists can work with physicians to support your emotional, mental and physical well-being.