Care when you need it, right from your mobile device.

Here for you 24/7

Connect with a 98point6 physician anytime, anywhere from the 98point6 app––with no appointments, no travel and no hassle.

From late-night questions to routine prescription refills, 98point6 board-certified physicians are trusted experts keeping you on the path to good health, as a part of your employer benefits.

Treating common conditions (ages 1+):

  • Cough, cold and flu symptoms
  • Muscle sprains and strains
  • Nausea and stomach concerns
  • Rashes and cold sores
  • UTI and yeast infections
  • Pink eye and seasonal allergies

Supporting chronic conditions with you and your regular primary care provider:

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Acne
  • and more

Support for your whole self

Make real progress toward living your best life with care that is personalized, private and available as a part of your employer benefits.

Certified therapists partner with you to improve your emotional health and well-being—working with 98point6 physicians for medication management or clinical follow-ups.

What we treat:

  • Stress and sleep management
  • Anxiety, depression and grief
  • Self-confidence and/or healthy body image
  • Personal, professional and social development

If suicidal ideation is reported during the visit, 98point6 clinicians may take additional steps to ensure patient safety, including but not limited to contacting local EMS and/or law enforcement resources and/or referring the patient to in-person emergency care.

For diagnosis, treatment or guidance for any primary care conditions or concerns, it starts with a single tap.

Install the App

Download 98point6 from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Create your account

No password to remember. Enter your mobile number and we’ll send you a unique PIN.

Start your visit

Get care when you need it, as well as necessary labs ordered and prescriptions sent to your local pharmacy.

Get support from licensed therapists with video-based visits scheduled at your convenience.

Adults (ages 18+)

Start your visit

Start with a text-based visit anytime and anywhere. A 98point6 doctor will evaluate behavioral health concerns in connection with any physical symptoms.

Schedule a session

If recommended by your physician, you’ll be directed via a link in the Care Plan to schedule a video-based session at your convenience.

Connect with a therapist

Attend your appointment via the provided meeting link. You’ll also receive a follow-up email with instructions for scheduling future sessions.


If treatment required is out of scope for 98point6, a medical assistant or registered nurse will assist with seeking external treatment options. Please see FAQs for additional details.

Primary Care FAQs

Using 98point6

How do I access 98point6?

Employees and dependents 18+* can download the 98point6 app from the App Store or Google Play to their smartphone or tablet. Once registered, they can start a visit anytime they need care. Our service is available in all 50 states and Washington D.C. Employees must be 18+ to seek care; patients must be aged 19+ to seek care in Nebraska.

*Not all employers cover spouses or dependents. Please reference your employers benefit site for eligibility information

Can I send my visit record to another physician?

If you would like your medical record sent to another provider, please download our medical record request form and send the completed form, along with a copy of your state-issued ID to

How does 98point6 handle prescriptions and lab tests?

98point6 providers can and do prescribe medications when they are appropriate. If a prescription is part of your treatment plan, we’ll send it electronically to your preferred pharmacy. 98point6 does not prescribe controlled substances (such as opioids) or lifestyle medications (such as Viagra and Propecia).

If a 98point6 provider determines that lab work is necessary, they will order a lab test. Once ordered, simply visit a nearby LabCorp, Quest Diagnostics or preferred lab location and when your results are ready, we will reach out to walk you through your results.

How do eligible dependents register for and use 98point6?

How do eligible dependents register for and use 98point6?
Dependents ages 18 years and older: Download the 98point6 app on their mobile device through the App Store or Google Play, sign in using their mobile phone number and create a profile. They will then be able to accept coverage through the primary subscriber’s employer and will be asked to confirm the last four digits of their SSN for verification. Once registered, they may start a visit right away.

Dependents ages 1-17 years old: Care for children ages 1-17 years old must be requested by a parent or legal guardian who is eligible for 98point6. In order to receive care, the child must also be eligible for 98point6 through the parent or guardian’s plan.

A NOTE ABOUT PRIVACY: Rest assured, your text-based visit is private. We are deeply committed to protecting the confidentiality and privacy of our patients’ personal information. As a medical provider, 98point6 is HIPAA compliant, and we are compliant with privacy and security laws in each state in which we operate.

Not all employers cover dependents. Please confirm eligibility and plan details with your employer.

Does 98point6 support languages other than English?

Yes, 98point6 offers support for other languages during a visit. Providers are supported by interpreters in over 350 languages who connect with the patient via audio within the app to assist with your medical evaluation. Other parts of the 98point6 experience, including the Automated Assistant and your Care Plan, are currently only available in English.


How do I request care for my child?

If your child is eligible for 98point6*, care for children ages 1-17 years old must be requested by a parent or legal guardian eligible for 98point6. In order to receive care, the child must also be eligible for 98point6 through the parent or guardian’s plan.

To request care for your child, begin a visit as you normally would. A list of your eligible dependents ages 1-17 will appear. Select who you’re seeking care for, and complete the child’s profile.

Next, the automated assistant will gather information about the child’s symptoms, then will deliver the information to one of 98point6’s board-certified physicians. The physician will have a text-based conversation with you about your child’s symptoms, using audio, video or photos as needed. For younger children (i.e., under age 5), the physician will likely request a brief video encounter.

More information about pediatric visits can be found in our general FAQs.

Please confirm eligibility and plan details with your employer.

*Not all employers cover spouses or dependents. Please reference your employers benefit site for eligibility information

Who can request care for children?

Who can request care for children?
Parents or legal guardians eligible for 98point6 can seek care on behalf of their children who are also eligible for 98point6 through the parent or guardian’s plan. The parents and legal guardians must use their own 98point6 account when accessing care on a child’s behalf.

In order for your spouse/partner to request care for your child, both your spouse/partner and child must be eligible for 98point6 through the parent or guardian’s plan. Please confirm eligibility and plan details with your employer.


What do I do if I have trouble logging on or getting access to 98point6?

Please reach out to our customer support team through our Contact Us form. A support representative will be in touch to help resolve your issue.

Behavioral Health FAQs

How can I start a behavioral health visit?

Care starts with a text-based visit with one of our board-certified physicians. These doctors assess mental health concerns and direct you to the appropriate level of care with either a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). The behavioral health specialist collaborates with patients and provides ongoing assessment to determine the right support and next steps on the path to care. 98point6 physicians may also prescribe medication, as necessary, based on patient assessment and coach or therapist recommendation.

Are 98point6 behavioral health services also text-based?

Behavioral health therapy visits are video-based. They both can be scheduled at a time that is convenient for you.

What behavioral health concerns and conditions does 98point6 support?

Conditions that may benefit from coaching include, but are not limited to:

Stress management (developing resilience and health habits to manage different types of stress)
Overcoming sleep challenges
Reducing social isolation
Promoting self-confidence and/or healthy body image
Personal or professional development.
Conditions that may be addressed in therapy include, but are not limited to:

Anxiety (generalized anxiety, panic attacks)
Depression (persistent, seasonal, postpartum)
Some symptoms and conditions, such as substance use disorder, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or those requiring controlled medications (ADHD), may result in a self-referral to in-person care. Start a visit with a 98point6 physician, who can help guide you toward the appropriate next steps.

The 98point6 prescription policy also limits specific psychiatric medications. If a patient requires that level of care, they will be referred to a psychiatrist.

Who is eligible for behavioral health visits with 98point6?

If your employer offers behavioral health therapy and coaching through 98point6, all eligible employees and dependents 18+ have access. Therapy is not available for those under age 18 at this time.

Can I switch to a new behavioral health therapist if needed?

Please work directly with your therapist in providing feedback to help ensure the most optimal care experience and to be paired with the specialist that fits your unique needs.

Can 98point6 behavioral health support immediate mental health emergencies?

98point6 is not for emergencies. This service does not address life-threatening conditions. If you are experiencing an emergency or are in imminent danger, please call 9-1-1.

When can I schedule a therapy visit?

Behavioral health visits can be scheduled between 7am and 7pm Monday through Saturday, with varying availability based on the clinician. Please note that while the 98point6 virtual clinic is open 24/7, the behavioral health service currently operates during set business hours.