Patient information

At 98point6, we’re deeply committed to taking every precaution to protect patient information. Any information related to our patients is carefully safeguarded and only shared with third parties that are obligated to protect patient information under HIPAA and other Privacy Laws. We believe safeguarding every patient’s privacy and security is more than a technology consideration—it’s a human consideration, and maintaining your trust is always our top priority, along with providing the best possible care.

You can read more about how we collect, share, manage and protect patient information by reading our Notice of Privacy Practices or our 98point6 Application Privacy Policy.

Website visitors

When an individual visits our website, we do collect limited information, such as IP address and information about their visit. We may collect additional personal information through some optional forms. This personal data may be shared with third-party vendors like Google Analytics and for attribution and analytics services, but we understand that you may want to opt out of this data sharing. In that case, we are dedicated to working with you to fulfill these requests. If you would like to make a request about collection or use of your data when visiting the website please use the email

You can read more about our collection and sharing of information on our website by reviewing our Website Privacy Policy.