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98point6 Phone Demo Animation ADA Transcript

98point6 app demo begins. Preliminary information is entered by the patient about the nature of their medical issue. A medical bot appears on screen.

Thank you. I have some follow-up questions I would like to ask. Can you send a picture?

A photo of a hand with red blotches on the skin is uploaded.

Thank you. Is it the left or right hand?

The patient responds with "Right."

Got it. This is very helpful, I will pass this along to your doctor. As soon as they review your case they will join you. Alright, Sam, the doctor is ready and will take care of you now. Your doctor joined the visit!

A photo of Sarah Smith, MD. Board-certified in family medicine. Licensed in Washington. 123456789. View Profile. Hi Sam, my name is Dr. Sarah Smith. I'm your 98point6 physician. Thanks for requesting a visit today.

Patient responds: Hello Dr!

I am sorry to hear about your rash. It looks like you may have rubbed up against some Poison Oak on your run. Have you applied any ointments or creams to it?

Patient responds: No I have not - was not sure if I should. I completely understand. Are you allergic to any medications? No, not that I am aware of.

Okay, I would like to prescribe a medicated ointment that you can apply to your skin. This should help relieve some of the pain and swelling. I see you have the pharmacy at 123 Broadway in your profile. Is that still a good pharmacy for you?

Patient responds: Yes that is the one.

Great. I am going to send over a prescription of a topical steroid ointment that will be available for pick up today. Is there anything else I can help you with? No that is it for now. Wonderful. I will include some info about Poison Oak remedies and the ointment I prescribed in your Care Plan. It will be available in your app shortly and you'll be notified.

Patient responds: Awesome thank you so much. Most definitely! We will follow up in a few days to see how you are feeling. Thanks again! Happy to help and thank you for using 98point6. Goodbye. Your Visit Has Ended. Check back soon for your Care Plan. Leave Visit.

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Primary care for today’s digitally-empowered employees

98point6 is a new kind of primary care that’s built for today. Our on-demand, text-based primary care app fits into employees’ busy, on-the-go and digitally-driven lives. With 98point6, your clients' employees will have access to U.S.-based, board-certified physicians who offer the full spectrum of primary care—from medical questions to diagnosis and treatment to ordering of prescriptions and labs. No more long waits, unreasonable costs, rushed visits or questions left unanswered.

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The healthcare solution that works for everyone

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Consultants & Brokers

Help your clients reach their goals. Increase employees’ use of primary care to positively impact premiums without benefit reductions.

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Your clients will love offering a unique health benefit that engages employees in their health, reduces cost-of-care and helps their whole company thrive.

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98point6 makes it easier than ever for employees to take charge of their health. Connecting with a physician is as simple as sending a text—at little or no cost to the employee.

Learn how 98point6 is redefining primary care

98point6 Intro Video ADA Transcript

A woman enters her home carrying several bags. As she sets them down, she notices the dog chewing on her shoes. A man runs down the sidewalk as a city bus pulls away.

Life happens at its own pace, whether you're ready for it or not.

A woman in an office looks at her online calendar. She frowns and holds a hand to her stomach.

You do what you can to fit everything in, but not every shortcut is a good one.

She searches "lower stomach pain" online. Articles pop up titled "There's No Cure," "You May Already Be Dead," "Panic Before It's Too Late." She looks alarmed.

If you have a health question, ask a real doctor. With 98point6, you can get text-based primary care right on your phone from board certified physicians supported by advanced technology with access when you need it, no ques -- [coughing].

The first woman looks at the 98point6 app on her phone as she cooks. She has a text conversation and sends a photo of a rash on her hand.

Now on a crowded bus, the man texts, "What can I do to boost my immune system?" as the coughing man sits next to him.

No question is too small to ask, even that little thing you've been wondering about. And because your visit is text-based, you can have a visit anywhere, even for those issues that can be uncomfortable to talk about.

The woman in the office is now in a meeting. She discreetly uses her phone and texts, "I think I might have a UTI."

After your visit, you'll get a Care Plan sent to your phone with professional diagnosis and treatment. You can review it any time you want. Any prescriptions are sent to your local pharmacy instantly. We are bringing affordable primary care to everyone because we think that's the way it should be, and people seem to like that.

Reviews: "Users can have a doctor's visit from literally anywhere." - GeekWire. "The whole process including the initial signup, took about 15 minutes." - Inc. 4.9 out of 5 stars. Actual user reviews: "I love this app. A fast way to ask a doctor." "Wow! They couldn't have made that any easier." "Was able to text with a doctor right from my bed!" "This is amazing!"

Get care on your schedule anywhere, no appointment needed. You can even start a visit right now.

App Store and Google Play logos. Start Your Visit. 98point6.

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A new kind of primary care

Icon representing accessibility


Private, in-app messaging makes connecting with a 98point6 physician as easy as doing an online search

Icon representing quality


U.S.-based, board-certified physicians diagnose, treat and help keep employees and their families healthy

Icon representing cost in the shape of a piggy bank


Dramatic cost of care savings through the use of deep technology

Meet some of our customers

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