by Tara Dill

In the Hot Seat: Tommi Rainey

We're taking you inside the 98point6 team with our "In the Hot Seat" series. This compilation of interviews sheds some light on the people behind our product. Our first employee spotlight is on Tommi, who is our incredible director of practice operations. Read on for more about Tommi.

What is your role at 98point6?

I am the director of practice operations, which essentially means I write and manage the policies and procedures that make sure the 98point6 service runs smoothly from a clinical operations perspective. I also serve as a resource and support system for our awesome team of doctors so we can conquer the world!

What initially drew you to working here?

When I heard about 98point6, I had just left an account management role with a different clinical start-up company. I wanted a more hands-on job, along with some heavy-handed strategy and a true sense of ownership and accountability. When I interviewed at 98point6, my mother-in-law had a "good feeling" about this company. Through my healthcare administration background, I had a major focus on high-touch care. I never would have guessed that I would have landed at a technology company. When I met with Robbie (our CEO) and asked what his vision for success was, he told me that he couldn’t take water and food to impoverished countries via technology, but he could take healthcare across the world via technology. That message clearly struck every humanitarian chord within me and was the very reason why I selected healthcare as my chosen career field. 

What is your favorite part about working here?

The people! Every day, I get to interact with incredibly smart, talented and collaborative people. I have worked in large medical groups, a federally qualified center and a naturopathic medical college. Some companies are so entrenched in patriarchal, traditional systems. I have seen women fight to get ahead in their careers and it made it harder to get work done. Here, we all build each other up, and work in a nimble and agile fashion together. It is really a great joy to work here. I have the utmost respect for everyone and I feel well-respected as well.

If you could do another job for just one day, what would it be?

I would be the lead singer of a rock band or a backup dancer for Michael Jackson or Madonna. I can't sing though, so you'd probably want me to be a backup dancer for Madonna. I like the anonymity of being a backup dancer, yet the idea that I get to dance, shake my groove thing and pump up the audience is really fun.

What has been your favorite concert to shake your groove thing at so far?

Trying to pinpoint a favorite concert would be really difficult. I love going to concerts! I have seen so many bar bands, hippie-jam-bands and grunge rock shows over the years, not to mention big shows. I just went to U2: The Joshua Tree tour, and my first concert was the Purple Rain tour by Prince.

Besides dancing, what do you like to do with your time?

I also love to hang with my 9-year-old daughter. I grew up with a lot of rules; I was the older child and held a lot of responsibilities. My husband and I decided to let our daughter have some of the freedoms I never had,  like the opportunity to be a wild child. The other day, I (kind of) gave her permission to play the game "ding-dong-ditch." (That's when you ring someone’s doorbell and run.) She got caught and immediately told the neighbors that the reason why she rang the doorbell was to say they had a lovely house!

Tommi with her husband and her daughter.

Tommi with her husband and her daughter.

How do you stay healthy?

I love to hike. It’s my favorite form of exercise; it grounds me mentally and emotionally. I can meditatively work my way through any issues that way. I also cook a lot of healthy meals and I like to include lots of fruits and vegetables in my cooking. I'm usually creative in my meals—my daughter doesn't always enjoy them, but I do! My favorite go-to for any meal is a huge stir fry. I make rice with scrambled eggs, ground turkey breakfast sausage, loads of kale and mushrooms and topped with chopped green onions and diced asian pears. If I can't find pears, I use fresh tomatoes instead. It's a perfect meal at any time of day!

Thanks Tommi for stepping into the Hot Seat. Stay tuned for more employee spotlights!

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