Medical Advisory Board

Comprised of distinguished physicians, our Medical Advisory Board (MAB) members serve as strategic advisors to 98point6 and were chosen for their multidisciplinary expertise, thought-leadership and diverse geographic representation.

Gordon Cohen headshot

Dr. Gordon Cohen

98point6 Co-founder and Past Division Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery at UCSF and Seattle Children's

Jonathan Aviv headshot

Dr. Jonathan Aviv

Author, Medical Inventor, Writer and Past Professor at Columbia University

Fred Azar headshot

Dr. Fred Azar

Past President, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgery

Regina Benjamin headshot

Dr. Regina Benjamin

18th U.S. Surgeon General

Frank Cockerill headshot

Dr. Frank Cockerill

Past Chief Medical Officer and Director of the Board of Analyte Health

Gayatri Devi headshot

Dr. Gayatri Devi

Neurologist and Nationally Recognized Memory Expert

Brian Hainline headshot

Dr. Brian Hainline

Chief Medical Officer, NCAA

Kim Harmon headshot

Dr. Kim Harmon

Past President, American Society of Sports Medicine

Byron Joyner headshot

Dr. Byron Joyner

Vice Dean, University of Washington Medical School

Mary Klotman headshot

Dr. Mary Klotman

Dean, Duke University School of Medicine and Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs

Paul Klotman headshot

Dr. Paul Klotman

President, CEO and Executive Dean, Baylor College of Medicine

Clifford Ko headshot

Dr. Clifford Ko

Director, American College of Surgeons Quality Improvement Program

Robert Krasner headshot

Dr. Robert Krasner

Former Attending Physician to the U.S. Congress and Supreme Court

Jennifer Mieres headshot

Dr. Jennifer Mieres

Professor of Cardiology, Hofstra School of Medicine and Chief Diversity Officer, Northwell Health

Darin Portnoy headshot

Dr. Darin Portnoy

Past President, Doctors Without Borders USA

Ted Shortliffe headshot

Dr. Ted Shortliffe

Pioneer of Biomedical Informatics, Senior Advisor to the College of Health Solutions

Ida Sim headshot

Dr. Ida Sim

Professor, Co-director of Biomedical Informatics UCSF and Co-founder of Open mHealth